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Fit for Travel, a Meximerica Road Trip, the Mekong, and Iran

life along the Mekong River travel story

Another strange headline that will never make it to the top of the Google rankings means…a new issue of Perceptive Travel! We’re obviously not publishing articles written by a search engine optimization robot or someone in charge of clickbait at Buzzfeed. Instead, we’ve been bringing you deeper narrative stories from book authors since 2006. 

Unlike a lot of travel publications that bit the dust or quietly faded away this year, we’re still around, and traffic hasn’t dipped much during this challenging time for travel. So I guess we’re doing something right. 

One thing I did not do right was post the October issue on this blog. I had other things in the queue and was trying to finish up a book (more on that in a minute). So check out the issue page to click on stories about hiking in Spain, trying to locate lost relatives in Ukraine, traveling Papua New Guinea by dugout canoes, and memories brought back by a visit to a Saigon hot dog stand. 

The November Issue 

This month we’ve got another odd assortment for you. Starting with the first one in that headline above, Julia Hubbel is old enough to be called a “senior citizen” but she’s tougher than most of us are, going on wild adventures that test the human body’s resilience and endurance. Being fit for travel has helped her recover from her dumb luck and there’s a lesson in there about a strong body being a body that survives. See Being Fit for Adventures is Being Fit for Life

This has certainly been the year of the road trip since it’s one adventure you can go on that doesn’t put you in much danger while you’re on the move. Being in your own metal and glass bubble has its advantages. Take a trip with Camille Cusumano, a friend, and a canine from Monterrey through the southern USA to the mid-Atlantic. See A Lucky Dog Road Trip from Mexico to Maryland

Mexican road trip during covid

We look back on a different kind of long trip with James Dorsey, a mighty river substituting for the open road. He journeys on the Mekong of Southeast Asia from southern Vietnam to Phnom Penh, seeing how people live their lives along its banks. See Water People of the Mekong

Even in normal times, not many tourists have Iran at the top of their list. So Sivaji Das and his wife got plenty of puzzled looks at comments before they headed there on a long trip with their baby daughter. See what they found in Through Rocks and Roses: Traveling in Iran with an Infant.

Also, we have a new round of three travel book reviews. William Caverlee checks out The Street Photographer’s Manual, Tokyo Megacity, and a guide to the universe beyond our planet.

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living abroad for lessI haven’t posted much about the second edition of A Better Life for Half the Price yet since as I write this, it’s not yet posted on Amazon. The e-book is available now though and by the time we announce the winner on December 1, the hard copy will be out too. Click on that cover for more. 

I sell the e-book direct so I can offer more goodies, know who bought it to follow up, and offer premium packages for those who want more guidance. I’m giving away the Committed package to one lucky Perceptive Travel follower this month. That includes access to a private Facebook group, bonus interviews, quarterly conference calls with me, and more. It’s an $89 value that a newsletter subscriber or Facebook follower will score. 

Next month we’ll get back to giving away gear, so get on the list regardless! 

Stay tuned for more on the book, but know that it’s completely revised and updated, with lots of new expat interviews and a few country changes. 


Wednesday 4th of November 2020

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