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Some Armchair Travel Reading From 4 Continents

hiking in the Andes Mountains with llamas in Peru

As my long-time readers know, I’ve been running the home of the best travel stories online since I founded Perceptive Travel back in 2006. From the start, its stories have regularly won “best travel writing” awards and both the blog and online magazine have gotten Gold awards from writing organizations. 

These are tough times in the travel business and we’re not immune from that, but at least this pub puts out more of the “armchair travel” kind of articles rather than the generic listicles you see on so many magazine sites and blogs. We try to dig deeper and present real narratives written by published book authors. So we did two months of retrospectives from the archives back when this pandemic got started, but we started publishing new material again in June and we’re trying to keep providing stories worth reading while allowing writers’ work to see the light of day. 

In the August issue we travel to four continents, with stories from adventures taken before we all got stuck in place.

Contributor Marco Ferrarese traveled to Peru to work on a guidebook and meet up with an old friend to go hiking. He talked his friend, his wife, and a traveler met along the way to take a parallel trek to the Lares Route through the Andes. As so often happens, it sounded easier when they got the directions the first time. See “How to Lose Friends and Mortify People While Hiking in Peru.” 

James Dorsey is back as well with a tale from Africa, that time when all it took to get to a village in Ethiopia was crossing a crocodile-infested river in just a dugout canoe. See Crossing the Omo in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Omo River crocodiles - armchair travel story

We welcome author John Wright with a story from earlier this year when we could still move about. On a grand driving tour of Croatia from end to end, a couple unwittingly gets their last look at paradise for a while. See “Motovun, Croatia: Visions of Elusive Paradise Before the Pandemic.”

Patti Lefkos also made her debut in this month’s issue. She brings us tales of Tibet through the eyes of a local who has seen and endured so much of the Chinese occupation. See Calling the Earth to Witness the Truth in Tibet.

Last, we have a new round of three travel book reviews. Susan Griffith checks out a quirky exploration of contemporary Britain through the lens of past writers, a collection of road trips to make you drool, and a slight little book of travel quotations destined for the bathroom shelf. See them all here

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travel water bottles that pack

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You can read this month’s armchair travel stories from any piece of furniture you’d like, but go check it out.

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