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Austin to Lisbon, Caribbean to Candelaria

travel story on street art in Austin

Take a break from reading the depressing news and check out four new long-form stories from book authors in Perceptive Travel instead. The March issue is out now, with stories from four past contributors.

One of the articles is from Mexico and it is an article on a tradition that baffles many of us who live there or visit the country before around Christmas: the Baby Jesus doll phenomenon. Why are each of them wearing what looks like a frilly dress, and why are there so many of these outfits for sale? Lydia Carey has the answers to this and more and attends the big mass for them in Candelaria: When 1,000 Dressed-up Dolls Come to Mexican Mass.

There’s also a bit of Mexico in Sherry Shahan’s article about the rich stories behind the paintings on the building walls in Austin, Texas. Amidst the hyper-growth and the pains that come with it, she zeroes in on a smaller part of the picture in Austin’s East Side: Art for the Masses. Lisbon tile art

Then we pop over to the great city of Lisbon in Portugal, where Beebe Bahrami check out the city of local hero writer Fernando Pessoa and a creative festival taking place in the city. See Disquiet in Lisbon

Gillian Kendall returns with a story on traveling with a Coast Guard crew as a lecturer on one of their ships. The formalities fade away and she needs to take a leap of faith when the crew takes a break to dive off and go swimming. See YOLO, FOMO, and Semper Paratus on Swim Call in the Caribbean.

Bill Caverlee reviews three new and notable travel books: Feel the Wild, Ten Years a Nomad (which we talked about with the author here), and Divine Encounters: Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies in Asia.

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