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Ethiopia, Timbuktu, Iceland, and Mount Doom

horseback riding in Iceland

We try to give you a nice variety of traveling stories when we put out a new issue of Perceptive Travel. Since 2006 we’ve published the best travel stories from globetrotting book authors, digging a bit deeper and going beyond the over-tourism spots.

This month we’ve got two tales from Africa, one from rural Iceland, and one from New Zealand. Plus a rundown of three new travel books.

Claudia Flisi’s guide tells her she has a 95% chance of seeing geladas when she visits Simien National Park in Ethiopia. These long-maned, mostly vegetarian monkeys aren’t found anywhere else but the highlands of one of Africa’s most populous countries. See Chillin’ with the Geladas.

James Michael Dorsey is back with the story of a man practicing a dying tradition: wandering the streets five times a day and singing out the call to prayer in Mali. See The Last Muezzin of Timbuktu.

Climbing around Mount Nguaruhoe in New Zealand, Mount Doom in the Lord of the RingsJulia Hubbel finds out what her guide is made of on an adventure travel trip when the leader falls off her horse into an icy stream, her foot caught in the stirrup. See Lessons in Leadership While Horseback Riding in Iceland.

Debi Goodwin finds the tramping trails of New Zealand to be a bit tame, over-groomed, and and with nanny-like instruction signs. That all ends when she joins an all-day trek around Nguaruhoe, which appeared as Mount Doom in The Lord of the Rings. See A Climb to the Mountain of Fire in New Zealand.

William Caverlee reviews three new travel books: one on a biking quest, one a round-up of great wildlife viewing options, and a compilation of 50 strange (and short) tales from the road.

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Surge Spider

Friday 12th of July 2019

Thanks for the heads up. I'm almost broke, so I think these freebies is something which I would look forward to.

Love your blog, especially the minimalist design :)

Santosh Itani

Thursday 4th of July 2019

Great place , I wish I will be there once on my life. Worth to read this article