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A VW Bus Road Trip, Forsaken Abkhazia, and Two Spots in Italy

Abkhazia ruined building

We try to keep things interesting for you every month at Perceptive Travel online magazine, bringing readers some of the best travel stories from published book authors on the move.

This time we have a batch of returning authors checking in from multiple continents. Our associate editor Lydia Carey heads out to a spot where migrating monarch butterflies gather in Estado de Mexico, getting the road trip she never had in her younger days, in a VW combi van. See the full story here.

Stephen Bland visits a Black Sea area once known as the “Soviet Florida” and finds a decrepit nation-state in limbo as he mixes with Russian tourists who still come and the faded hotels they stay in. See Abkhazia: Party Amidst the Ruins.

Rome is one of the world’s most popular cities, thronged with tourists all year, so Debi Goodwin sets out to find a corner of the city that’s not filled with trinket shops. She finds what she’s seeking in Testaccio, a True Roman Neighborhood

Pizza in Naples, Italy

Michael Shapiro visits Naples, Italy on a walking A walking tour that visits the places where two fictional characters come of age in the rubble-strewn city after World War II. See the story of Rione Luzzatti and My Brilliant Friend here.

As always, we cue up some new and noteworthy travel books to check out (and occasionally avoid.) Susan Griffith reviews an obsessed cyclist’s 80-day ride around the world, a good end-to-end look at the Rhine River, and a travelogue from an everywoman looking to tick off the great tourist sites.

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Jack Daus

Sunday 7th of April 2019

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Thursday 4th of April 2019

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