70s Travel, Death on Karpathos Island, and the Kidnapping of Edward the Maasai

Traveling through Asia in the 1970s Kevin Kelly

Sometimes the best travel stories have a raw power that transcends the style, the kind told round a campfire or over a few beers. We’ve got a few of those this month in Perceptive Travel, tales from the road that are captivating in the unwinding of the story.

We’ve got someone special appearing for the first time in our table of contents, a personal hero of mine who co-founded Wired magazine and is known as the guy behind both Cool Tools and the oft-cited 1,000 True Fans theory for creatives. That would be Kevin Kelly, usually known as a futurist and author of the book The Inevitable.

He talks about what it was like when he went backpacking in the 1970s, when some of the tools that were fading away for me in the mid-90s were in full force. This was a $2-a-day time of aerograms, film cameras, and post restante, long before the internet, advance hostel bookings, and even ATMs. It is accompanied by stunning photos like the one at the top, in an age before modern global homogenization took over. See The Life of a Backpacker in Asia in the 1970s.

Claudia B. Flisi has a conversation with an employee of a Tanzania safari lodge that leads to a bizarre life-changing childhood tale. An innocent question about learning English turns into a story about abduction, education, and a family of 34. See The Kidnapping of Edward the Maasai.

Karpathos Island in Greece

Frequent contributor David Lee Drotar returns to Greece, this time pondering life, death, and the march of centuries on Karpathos Island. See In Greece, Things Happen.

Guidebook writer Madelaine Trieb sees the Pantanal region of Brazil the way most tourists do when she stays at a pampering conservation lodge. Things are quite a bit different on her second trip, when she visits her boyfriend’s farming family. See Hunting Wild Boar in the Brazilian Cowboy Country of Pantanal.

Susan Griffith reviews three new travel books by adventurers who refuse to be cowed by what they read in the media. From Somalia to South Dakota, the West Bank to the Western Sahara, preconceptions unravel as these writers encounter (almost) nothing but friendly assistance.

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