Traveling Through Burma, Bohemia, Tasmania, and the Deep South

travel story walking in Tasmania

We took a little break on Perceptive Travel last month with new material and instead did a retrospective with five “best travel writing” award winners from the past year and a half. Now we’re back with stories from near and far.

For the far part, we’ve gone all the way to Tasmania, off the southern shores of Australia. Bruce Northam checks out a new walkabout tour led by descendants of the original people of these lands. See Tasmania’s “New” Ancient Walkabout.

Rock formation in Bohemian Switzerland National Park in the Czech Republic, two hours north of PragueI hate giving any attention to Myanmar with the violent genocide that has gone on there, but the story from James Dorsey is all about encountering a holy man who could be anywhere in Buddhist lands. See Seeking Enlightenment at the Golden Rock.

I wrote on here a while back about a trippy part of the Czech Republic two hours north of Prague, but now there’s a more in-depth story on the natural area here: Finding Narnia in Czech Bohemia.

Judith Fein is in Colombia, South Carolina when she meets a man who grew up in a boarding house for touring black musicians in the segregated Jim Crow era. He gives her a tour and his story in Meeting Reggie.

Susan Griffith reviews new travel books where “Three women writers explore destinations that reflect their own states of mind…”

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Each month one of our perceptive readers scores something from us that they can use in their travels. Last month was rather low-key since we were doing a retrospective issue. I gave some love to our Canuck neighbors who have been maligned by the angry orange one, fittingly with something from Jeff Bezos: an Amazon Canada gift certificate. Christine from Ottawa is going shopping on us.

waterproof travel jacket made from recycled plastic bottles

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