New Narrative Travel Stories From Four Continents

Teotiihuacan travel story womanSometimes when we put out a new issue of Perceptive Travel, which I founded in 2006, we end up with some geographic clusters, but in the August issue we’re really bopping around the world. We’ve got great long-form travel stories from a small island in the Pacific, Rwanda, Poland, and Mexico.

Have you ever heard of the island of Tanna? On this once-isolated volcanic dot in the South Pacific, the followers of a legendary visitor from the 1930s still wait for his return. See Tanna: The Isle of Curious Cults by Stephen M. Bland.

Musician in Rwanda, from a Perceptive Travel story by Ian BrennanWe’ve got a debut story from music producer Ian Brennan this month and he heads into rural Rwanda to find villagers making interesting music in lands that have seen a lot of troubles. Check out Searching for Music in Rural Rwanda. 

Wanda Henning also appears for the first time. She is enjoying the excesses of a sublime Polish dinner until she finds out the well-known chef knows a murderer connected to an incident in the writer’s home country. See Assignation with An Assassination.

Lydia Carey returns with a story from her adopted home of Mexico, first observing a spring solstice celebration at the famous Teotihuacan ruins, then visiting a Catholic church that’s far more Mayan than Roman. See Worshiping Mixed Mexico: Rebirth, Resurrection, and Sacred Spaces.

Each month we feature three new and notable travel books as well. This month it’s a plea to travel slower, a heartwarming true story of a low-caste Indian man journeying across Asia and Europe to marry a Swedish backpacker, and one woman’s autobiographical account of facing down her fears as a traveler and a human being. See the August travel book reviews by Susan Griffith.

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