People and Places: Travel Stories From Morocco, Guatemala, Uruguay, and the Florida Keys

Chefchaouen houses Morocco

It’s time to dig a little deeper with Perceptive Travel, home to the best traveling stories on the web, all from wandering book authors. This month’s issue has three from returning writers, one from me, and some book reviews.

Zora O’Neill, author of the award-winning book All Strangers are Kin, serves as de facto tour guide for her parents in Morocco when they travel there together, all of them carrying memories of seeing the country when they were young. A hike into the hills above Chefchaouen together doesn’t turn out as planned, but in a good way. See Three Walnuts, Three Pomegranates in Morocco.

When Luke Armstrong moves down the shore of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, settling in a a new village, he finds that switching vendors comes with a sack full of emotional baggage. See Coconut Mafia Friendship Club.

Florida Keys HouseClaudia Flisi heads to South America and stays at an estancia, a farm house lodge, drinking wine made from grapes grown there and hopping on a horse to join a cattle drive. See Wining, Dining, and Cattle Driving in Uruguay.

I was scheduled to visit the Florida Keys the second week of September last year, which happened to be when Hurricane Irma was barreling down on the area. Seven months later I made the trip, in the aftermath. See Blowing Through the Lower Florida Keys.

Each month we check out three recent travel book releases to share what’s worth reading. This month Bill Caverlee dives into a book on countries that no longer exist, a book on John Muir’s first journey to what’s now Yosemite, and an anthology by one of Perceptive Travel’s regular contributors.

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