Dharma Buddies in India, Octopuses of Spain, and Lingering Bullet Holes in Bosnia

Story about Auroville India in Perceptive Travel

Obviously when we put out a new issue of Perceptive Travel, I’m not trying to win at search optimization with these headlines. Rather I want to show that we publish some of the best travel stories you’ll find anywhere on the internet. We are going to dig deeper and go beyond the “Top 5 Things to Do in _____” fluff that you’ve seen a thousand times already.

In our latest issue we take you into two different parts of India, revisit a recovering area of former strife in Bosnia, and visit the Galicia region of northern Spain.

Debi Goodwin has an idealized picture of what the stay she arranged ahead will be like living with the locals in Goa, but then finds the village is basically two sides of a busy roadway. See Finding My Way in a Goan Village.

The historic town of Mostar, from a Bosnia aftermath story in Perceptive Camille Cusumano spends time in the semi-communal Indian town of Auroville, reuniting with like-minded friends and seeing the Water Ceremony during the town’s 50th anniversary.  See The Dharma Buddies of Auroville.

Beebe Bahrami gets lost and wanders in northwest Spain, reflecting on the importance of Octopuses, the help of strangers, and pilgrimage. See The Way of the Octopus in Galicia.

I wrote about hiking near Sarajevo in here and biking in the Balkans for Perceptive Travel, but it took a year of reflection before I could write about what’s simmering just below the surface in the most recent war-torn part of Europe. See Moving Beyond the Bullet Holes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Susan Griffith reviews three new travel books on Iran, spiritual places, and difficult traveling as a couple with different goals.

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