Italian Hedgehogs, Rainy Norway, and a Tropical Kayak Trail

Italy hedgehogs story in Perceptive Travel

photo courtesy of La Casa dei Ricci

A new month, a new collection of great travel stories from Perceptive Travel, the online magazine I launched way back in 2006.

Last month I announced that one of our stories was a double winner in the annual North American Travel Journalists competition. We’ve got even better news this time. In the annual Solas Awards from Travelers’ Tales, Dustin Grinnell won a Gold for Walkabout Love in China. I got a Bronze for my story on biking across the Balkans, plus I got honorable mentions for others about Bolivia and Guatemala. Michelle Bigley and Darrin DuFord also got honorable mentions for things they wrote, so a nice showing.

We kick off the latest with a debut from Claudia Flisi. Her article is a very different kind of travel story from Italy, one on rescuing orphaned or injured hedgehogs and providing some wild spaces for them to run around. See A Hedgehog Hospital in Italian Wine Country.

stave church in Bergen, Norway

Norway guidebook author David Nikel is back with a story on one of the country’s best-known cities. He is not immune from what inflicts many tourists there though: a heavy chance of rain. See The Darker and Wetter Side of Bergen, Norway.

I get onto the Gulf of Mexico waters of Florida to paddle along a different kind of traveling route: a 190-mile kayaking trail around an archipeligo. See Kayaking the Calusa Blueway in Florida.

Debi Goodwin gets tugged by the marketing blitz and ends up in Dubai. She tries to get beyond the glitz and pricey attractions to find someĀ  local soul. She finally discovers a little of it in the desert. See Trying to Find the Real Dubai.

Then Susan Griffith reviews three new travel books on exploration and discovery, including Atlas of Untamed Places.

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This month one lucky Perceptive Travel reader is going to be getting ready for summer early. This month’s score is a $199 portable Ocra Podster soft cooler with backpack straps. It can hold at least a 12-pack,with plenty of ice, but has carrying straps andĀ  is leak-proof.

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Remember, we’ve got lots of great stories in the archives as well, organized by regions of the world, plus a blog with new posts several times a year. Go check it all out.

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