Thailand on Three Wheels, a Village of Life-sized Dolls, and Cruising the Amazon with Tarzan

Perceptive Travel story on a village in Japan

It’s time for another issue of Perceptive Travel, an online magazine bringing you great travel stories every month that go beyond listicles and fluff from selfie babes in bikinis.

We tell you this on a regular basis, but once in a while we get some outside validation too. This time we’re happy to report that one of our writers, Melissa Adams, won two awards for the same story last month. The North American Travel Journalists Association awarded her a silver for writing in the competitive Destination Features category, plus she got a general excellence photography award. See her Pushkar, India travel story here.

We just won a slew of awards in another contest, but I’ll hold off on those announcements until the next go-round. Meanwhile, check out our new issue with traveling tales from book authors on Japan, Thailand, Peru, and India.

Samlors in Thailand bicycle rickshaws Chiang MaiThe photo at the top of this post is from a strange and wonderful story about a village in Japan. The artist’s homemade life-sized dolls outnumber the real humans, but not because she’s lonely as some media have reported. See Village of The Dolls in Skikoku.

On a trip to Thailand, Bruce Northam gets some lessons in Tuk-Tuk driving and then hangs with the old-school bicycle rickshaw pedalers in Chiang Mai. See Thailand on Three Wheels—With and Without an Engine.

James Dorsey is back with a story from South America about a Peruvian showing off his jungle along the great river. See Travels with Tarzan in the Amazon Jungle.

Candace Dempsey explores the glory days of the British Empire in northern India, seeing the opulent side of the colorful country from Amritsar to Shimla and points between. See The Road to Shimla: Adventures in Northern India.

Bill Caverlee gives a rundown on two new and noteworthy books on exploring the world—and one on going beyond.


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