Praying to Judas, Life With Cod, and Americans in Iran

Iran travel story and photo by Richard Bangs

Yes indeed, it’s time for another collection of strange and offbeat stories from Perceptive Travel, with tales from wandering book authors.

This month we travel to two places in North America, one in South America, and one that’s not exactly teeming with U.S. visitors: Iran.

That last one is from well-known explorer and TV host Richard Bangs, who toured the country with a small group of Americans. It’s not easy reconciling the “Death to America” signs that still exist with the warm welcome constantly on display from the people actually living there. See Isn’t it Iranic?

Debi Goodwin has reasons to be nervous on her trip, but not because of humans. She heads into the Amazon Basin region of Ecuador and sees why early explorers had to face a serious fight for survival. See The Mysteries of Life in the Amazon Jungle.

Ecuador Amazon jungle story Debi Goodwin

Lydia Carey returns with another tale from her adopted home of Mexico City, this time swept up in a wave of devoted worshipers of one of the 12 disciples of Jesus. Turns out there were two Judas disciples and the other one always has your back–even if you’re a low-life criminal. See San Judas de Tadeo: Mexico’s Defender of Lost Causes.

Amy Rosen is back with another story from her home country of Canada, but this time heading far east to Newfoundland, where the people population declined when the cod population did off the coast. One place found a way to buck the trend. See Rock, Paper, Cod in Newfoundland.

And as always, we run detailed reviews of three new and noteworthy travel books to consider for you or for a gift. This time Susan Griffith brings us guidebook company founder Alastair Sawday, a round-up of hikes that won’t kill you from Wanderlust editor Phoebe Snow, and a tale of traveling the world with a packet of money to give away.

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