Balkans Biking, Rainforest Zipping, and Norway Night Sun

Balkans biking Bosnia

Each month in Perceptive Travel we try to bring you some of the best narrative travel stories you’ll find anywhere on the web. This month we take you to four distinct spots on the globe: a rainforest in Australia, northern Norway, the Balkans of Europe, and small-town North Carolina. Of course we also run down three new travel books worth checking out.

David Nikel is author of the new Moon Norway guidebook coming out this month and he’s crisscrossed all over this grand Scandinavian country. In the far north of the country he weaves in and out of the tourist spots reached by the summer ships. See Their Northernmost Life in Arctic Norway.

Arctic Norway

I spend part of my time in the Balkans dodging cruise ship visitors as well in Dubrovnik and Kotor, but mostly avoid them by seeing three countries on two wheels in this former war-torn region. See Biking Across Borders in the Balkans.

Lydia Carey returns to her father’s roots in North Carolina where he and his brother grew up in mill towns where people were poor, but employed. The two take her out for a tour down memory lane, some parts moving on, some stuck in a broken down state. See Taking the Carolina Hometown Tour.

Michael Buckley is back with a story on a part of Australia that’s not what you pictured: far north Queensland, in what could be the world’s oldest rainforest. See Surfing the Rainforest in North Queensland.

William Caverlee brings us reviews of three new travel-related books, including one timely tome on eclipses around the world. See the September travel book reviews.

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