Travel Stories from Cyprus, Transylvania, Nepal, and Mexico City

trekking in Nepal

Since we went from three travel stories to four each month in Perceptive Travel, it’s harder for me to write some catchy “rule of three” title. Be assured, however, that you’ll still find something strange, something new, and something interesting each new issue. Plus reviews of travel books worth adding to the nightstand or the e-reader.

NorthernCyprus cathedral to mosqueThe odd story most likely to make you laugh or gag (or both at the same time) is Kirsten Koza’s memoir on trips to Romania over the course of 12 years, with the same guide. And if you get PC huffy over the word “gypsies,” you may want to skip it. See The Mudsucker Curse of Transylvania.

Our multi-award-winning writer Darrin DuFord returns with a story about Cyprus, but it’s on the part of Cyprus claimed by Turkey. So it’s only recognized as a valid country by…Turkey. In this situation, you get to see what happens when nice beach hotels get abandoned for decades after an invasion. See The Concrete Corpses of Cyprus.

You’ve probably read a few articles about Mexico City. You may have even read about or experienced Xochimilco. But you probably haven’t heard much about the ancient canals that serve as the lungs, the liver, and the farmland for the city of 20 million. See Mexico City’s Island Life: Enchanted and Endangered.

I’ve posted a few informational things about my recent Nepal trip on this blog, but I dive in deeper with the narrative story up this month on Perceptive Travel, with a few new pics. See Hugging the Knees of the Himalayas on a Nepal Tea House Trek.

William Caverlee checks out three eclectic books with ties to travel: one on street art, one on a Shakespeare troup attempting to perform in every country in the world, and one on the birth of photojournalism as we know it  when compact cameras came on the market.

Who Wants a New Deuter Backpack?

Deuter Transit backpack

Each month one perceptive reader can score some new travel gear on us. Regular reader Lisa A. of Maryland came out of the randomizer this time to win a travel hammock and two collapsible camping cups from Sea to Summit.

This month another lucky reader will be watching their doorstep in a month after they win a convertible backpack from one of our favorite brands: Deuter. This Transit 40 backpack that zips up into a suitcase or duffle bag qualifies as a carry-on for major airlines. It holds 40 liters of your goods, weighs less than five pounds, and retails for $149. Get the specs here: Deuter Transit 40 Backpack.

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