Salvation Mountain, Lutherland Germany, and Looking for Yeti in Bhutan

Salvation Mountain California

It’s time for the April issue of the online magazine publishing the best travel stories online for more than 10 years: Perceptive Travel.

Now that we’ve ditched the world music reviews and are putting out four narrative stories each month instead of three though, my headline method is messed up. How can I follow the rule of three if there are four?

It means something is a mystery bonus, that’s what.

This month that’s the debut story from J. Jaye Gold. Adapted from his book, it’s about hiring some local Algerians on the fly to get dropped off in the undulating dunes of the Sahara, far from any other people. See Into the Depths of the Sahara in Algeria.

Then James Dorsey, who just racked up another shelf of writing kudos in the Solas Awards, brings us the story of Salvation Mountain in California. The labor of love from one man’s quest and calling lives on long after he’s gone. See A Hermit’s Prayer on Salvation Mountain. Bhutan trek

Michael Buckley’s first story for Perceptive Travel many years ago was about Bhutan. He returns for a trek through the mountains there, one eye out for a Yeti. See A Short Trek in Bhutan’s Wild East.

Becky Garrison visits Germany during the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s rise and tries to separate the tacky souvenirs from the history. See Recapturing My Religious Satirical Soul in Lutherland, Germany.

The April book reviews from Susan Griffith cover a book on trails, a book on a cycling tour through the former Iron Curtain countries, and a funny compilation by Geoff Dyer.

His and Hers Cool Travel Clothing

travel gear

What publication can you name that hosts a giveaway for its readers every single month? Well this one does.

Last month one lucky subscriber got a double set of undies, his and hers. Thanks to our buds at sibling clothing companies Aventura and Ecoths. we’re keeping the his and hers party going this month.

We’re giving away two $100 shopping sprees, one for Aventura and one for Ecoths. So the winner will use one for himself/herself, one for someone of the opposite sex.

How do you get in on this insider action?

It’s not hard. You just sign up for our e-mail newsletter list and every month you’ll have a chance to score. If it’s too late for that in April though, follow Perceptive Travel on Facebook and watch for the contest announcement in the regular feed.

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