Germans in Texas, a New Home in Portugal, and Swimming with an Elephant

Fredericksburg Texas

You know what it means when an eclectic headline like that pops up: time for a new issue of Perceptive Travel! This time we spin the globe and land in Texas, Portugal, and Laos.

We welcome two new writers this time. First, Teresa Bergen finds out late in life she’s got ancestors from Germany and looks into the hardship early immigrants from there faced after landing in Texas. See Finding My German Roots in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Kerry Hudson becomes and immigrant herself, escaping expensive London to move to a neighborhood of sunny Lisbon that’s far from trendy. See From Making the Best to Making a Home in Costa da Caparica.

James Dorsey is back with a story on an elephant sanctuary in Laos, a place transitioning the great beasts from hard labor to a more bucolic life. See Schooled as a Mahout on the Mekong.

Then Susan Griffith reviews three new travel books and I do the honors on our very last world music reviews column.

Yes, after 10 years of covering interesting new albums from around the world, we’re acknowledging the reality that few people are actually buying music anymore. It’s been a public service column for many years, so go explore on Spotify then go support these traveling bands live. That’s how they’re making their living.

Some More “Best Travel Writing” Awards

natja award winnerWe like to say that this 11-year-old online magazine I edit publishes the best travel stories on the web, so it’s always nice when someone else hands us some awards. A few months ago it was the International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association. This time it was the North American Travel Journalists Association. Two stories pulled in Silver awards this year: “Disconnected in a Land of Sea and Salt” and “Tourism as a Force for Change in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere” See links to both on the home page.

Also, our blogger Kristin Winet won an award for Josef and the Jaffa Flea Market and the mag itself got an honorable mention in the online magazine category we’ve won before. (Apparently competition is heating up.)

Who Needs a New Carry-on Bag?

Granite gear

Each month the Perceptive Travel subscribers have a shot at winning some useful gear for the road. Last month Tereh B. of Utah scored four pairs of quality name brand socks via Sierra Trading Post.

This month we’re giving away a cool rolling 22-inch suitcase from Granite Gear, the Cross Trek Carry-on Duffle. It’s a versatile piece of luggage with a detachable backpack.

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