A Fixer in Laos, Sweden by Bike, and Smoking Stromboli

Sweden kitesurfers

When a new issue of Perceptive Travel online magazine comes out, you can be assured of reading something you haven’t seen elsewhere. Since we don’t have to please cruise lines, hotel chains, or airlines pimping their business class cabins, we can avoid all of those listicles, “best of” posts, and “the hot destinations you MUST visit this year.”

Instead let’s talk about Laos, shall we?

James Dorsey seems to purposely get himself in trouble on a regular basis by going with the flow to find real adventure. Sometimes he pushes it a bit though, like when he says “Surprise me” to a newfound friend who must then extract him from a dicey situation. See Following My Fixer into the Underground in Laos.

Stromboli ItalySusan Van Allen has written several books about Italy and one movie that stuck with her about the country was a post-WWII Ingrid Bergman film that took place on the Island of Stromboli. She visits the much-improved island where the volcano is still erupting and climbs to the top. See Ingrid, Me, and Stromboli.

I return to the line-up this month with a story from my first trip to Sweden. With my references being the Swedish Chef, Abba, Ikea, and photos of cold winters, I’m pleasantly surprised with what we find while biking along the sea on the country longest cycling route. See Sweden by the Seashore in the Summer on the Kattegattledan.

Snce all our stories are from published book authors, naturally we love books. Good ones at least. Susan Griffith runs down a couple notable new travel books worth checking out, plus one best left unread.

Laurence Mitchell checks out what’s new in the World Music section, including a female desert blues singer from North Africa and one of the strangest fusion combinations yet.

Who Needs a New Laptop Backpack?

Every month all our newsletter subscribers and Facebook followers get the chance to score some new travel gear gratis. Last month reader Neil D. of Calgary, Alberta scored a heavy-duty but lightweight gear hauler from Eagle Creek. Soon a new piece of luggage will land on his porch.

ECBC daypack for travel

In October we’re giving away a high-end laptop backpack, the $130 ECBC Javelin Daypack. Follow that link for more info, but it’s got the space and the pockets for all your gear and gadgets, plus it’s TSA checkpoint friendly. It’ll take what you throw at it from constant traveling too.

How do you get in on this action? The best way is to sign up here for the list. You can also follow Perceptive Travel on Facebook, but you’re far less likely to see the contest announcement there since Facebook works hard to control what you see (and mostlly don’t see) from biz accounts.

  1. three boys mom

    Always love to hear about new destinations!

  2. Annika

    Hahaha I love the way you describe your image of Sweden before going there. I agree with you but don’t forget IKEA :)

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