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Eden RudinHow much does it cost to travel in Morocco these days? Not a whole lot thankfully—this is still definitely still one of The World’s Cheapest Destinations and in many respects the best value in Africa.

I’ve been in touch with Eden Rudin for a while as she has been a part of my Committed Group with A Better Life for Half the Price. She has left her former expat home and is now roaming the globe house-sitting and looking for her perfect spot on the globe. She recently spent a month in Morocco and was nice enough to give me a rundown on current prices there.

All prices below are in U.S. dollars, at roughly 10 dirham to the greenback. Take it away Eden!

Getting Around in Morocco

When we arrived at airport in Marrakesh, the overpriced taxi to go from the airport to a hotel in the city less than 5 miles away was $15. After that though, taxis were metered and reasonable there.

Taxis in other towns were not metered and were a set fare per person and the taxi would max out his seats and then begin the journey. You are allowed to buy additional seats if you wish if you want to leave sooner (we did this several times). In the town where we were house-sitting the cost was $.70 per person

Local buses are just small minivans and ran $.50 for a 15km drive

We used the big bus company CTM to travel to and from our destination, $12 for a 3-hour ride. These were big air-conditioned, nice, and clean buses.

Most people make max $7 a day, so we hired a local to take us out a couple of times and he only wanted $7 for a 1/2 day tour. We usually gave him $10-$20 to cover gas too.

Moroccan spices market prices

Food & Drink in Morocco

These grocery costs are from the local market in Tangier—a pretty big city—almost everything is sold by the kilo except milk and bread.

Mixed vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, carrots, zucchini, onion, etc, you choose what you want) 5 kg $2.50.
Fresh oranges 1 kg $.50
Chicken wings 1 kg $2.20
Watermelon 10 kg $1.20
Fresh figs 1 kg $1.20
Whole chicken $1.20-2
Camel/beef (chops, mince or stew chunks) 1 kg $7-$8
Sardines 1 kg $.70
Round bread individual loafs $.20
Coffee freshly ground 1 kg $7.5
Toilet rolls (6) $1.80
Couscous 500g $.90
Pasta 500g $.90
Canned sardines in tomato sauce $.50
Cheese from $8/kilo
Turkey salami, beef slices (lunch meats) from $8/kilo
Milk box $.43 for 6)
Bottled water 1/2 liter $.012 (Yep that is correct – 3 of them for $.04)
Half liter of Pepsi $.60

Morocco food prices

Housing Expenses

Bottle of propane refill, kitchen size tank for cooking $4.50
Water at an average house, 2 adults – $6 a month
Electric for same with pool – $16 a month
Rents in the main cities range from $200-$400 for a decent place
We stayed at a 5-star hotel for $80 a night and we also stayed in a 3-star place for $27/night. Both were honestly equally as good, comfortable, very clean, and spacious,

traveling in Morocco

Morocco Travel Notes

We felt very safe in Morocco when were were away from the taxi and bus haggler type people. My advice, if you are overwhelmed by people being overly helpful, I would recommend doing any main travel from one city to another with the big bus company like CTM, which is very relaxing.

ATM’s were in French or English (you choose language) with no added service fee.

We were hassled coming in to the country by immigration, because we were going somewhere he wasn’t familiar with (I had written the town name on my immigration from where it asked where you were going) , he even called our friends for specifics of where we would be. Once I said we were staying one night in Marrakesh they just wanted the hotel name. Another American couple in front of us had no problems.


Eden Rudin lived in Belize for several years and now travels the world on house-sitting gigs. She is half of a semi-retired-age couple who share their nomadic life to inspire and encourage others. They live out of their suitcases and carry everything from a screwdriver to a cutting board. See more at

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