Mongoloid Mountain Men, Creepy Cassowaries, and Unnatural Nature on TV

Kyrgyzstan travel story

If those titles make you at all intrigued, head over to read the latest issue of Perceptive Travel, the best online travel magazine (according to two travel writing associations) and your monthly antidote to mindless fluff.

The mysterious mountain men appear out of nowhere in Kyrgyzstan, a country that is hard enough to spell, much less find on a map. Kirsten Koza gets more than she signed up for when encountering them during a biking and camping trip through the countryside. See The Mountain Men Who Don’t Exist in Kyrgystan.

Cassowary bird Australia

Photo by Jun Matsui

If there’s one bird you don’t want to get in a fight with, it’s the cassowary of Australia. Especially the female: she’s larger, has a bigger throat-slitting middle claw, and abandons her eggs to let the males care for them. See Don’t Attempt to Cuddle a Cassowary.

Luke Maguire Armstrong gets invited to fill many unexpected roles as a foreigner living in Guatemala, but when he gets tapped to appear on a “reality TV” nature show, he doesn’t find much that’s natural. See Unreached Realities in Guatemalan Mangroves.

You need something to read and something to listen to when you travel, right? William Caverlee reviews some notable new travel books, including Mother Tongue by friend of this blog Christine Gilbert, as well as a great compilation from regular Perceptive Travel contributor Darrin DuFord.  See the September travel book reviews.

Graham Reid checks out some new tunes that have just hit the stores and your favorite streaming service, with most of them illustrating the reach of world music beyond borders, coming from musicians in London, New York, Florida, then “The Most Beautiful Songs in the World.” See the September world music reviews.

Eagle Creek Duffel

Need a Travel Gear Hauler for Some Real Adventures?

If Lewis & Clark were heading west today, they wouldn’t be packing their things in a four-wheeled suitcase. When you’re headed overland or just need to get the most stuff in the minimum space, you need a tough-ass duffel bag. One lucky reader will score this rugged, but lightweight new one from Eagle Creek, a company that knows a thing or two about building luggage that lasts.

This Cargo Hauler Duffel holds 90 liters of belongings, but you can pick it up with your pinky: it weighs just 2 pounds, 2 ounces. It’s got a high-tech abrasion-resistant and water-resistant fabric though that will protect what you have from most of what you throw at it.

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