Uzipis Republic, Mole in Oaxaca, and Life-changing Switzerland

Oaxaca cooking food

Come inside from the heat and check out the August issue of Perceptive Travel. We’ve got stories from Lithuania to Mexico by way of Switzerland and shine a light on some good new books and music releases.

Uzupis sculpture by Tom CooteChances are you’ve never heard of the Uzupis Republic. It’s a tiny breakaway state located within a curve of the Neris River near the old town of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Known as “the Jerusalem of the North,” it’s a neighborhood of crumbling buildings and public sculptures playing nation state. See the story from Tom Coote, Uzupis: in Search of a State.

Oaxaca has its own breakaway issues at the moment, thanks to its militant teachers’ union causing an economic meltdown. It was all about the food when Darrin DuFord visited though, when he learned the inside story on mole from one of the city’s best-known chefs. See Crossing the Mole Barrier in Oaxaca.

Gillian Kendall returns to a village in the Swiss Alps that changed her life and her outlook back in her 20s. Will it still have the same impact? See A Flow With No Beginning in Switzerland.

Each month we also run down some new travel books worth reading and new world music worth adding to your playlists. This month Susan Griffith and Laurence Mitchell do the honors.

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Who Needs Some Good Sunglasses?

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