Yellowstone by Air, Naked Marrakech, and the Great Barrier Reef in Trouble

Yellowstone travel story

The July 2016 issue of Perceptive Travel online magazine is out now, with another batch of great narrative stories and media reviews from wandering book authors.

Garrett Fisher has a series of books out with stunning photos taken from the cockpit of his vintage prop plane built half a century ago. This time he’s flying over Yellowstone National Park in winter, when there are almost no tourists venturing beyond the roads. There’s a blanket of white over the plains and the jagged mountains, with the lakes and hot springs providing contrast. The plane has no heat though and if the engine fails here, there’s nobody anywhere close to call. See Yellowstone by Air in the Freezing Winter.

Zora O’Neill has a new book out called All Strangers Are Kin: Adventures in Arabic and the Arab World. This month she contributes a story about ditching the photogenic scenes of exotic Marrakesh, Morocco to commune with local women in the great leveler: a simple local bath house. See The Naked Truth in Marrakech.

While the anti-science conservatives keep their ostrich heads in the sand, we keep setting temperature records around the world from man-made climate change and it’s not just on land where things are getting ugly. Michael Buckley visits several different points on the the world’s largest coral reef system off Australia and finds this great underwater eco-system is in big trouble from multiple threats. Check out Seeing the Great Barrier Reef Before It Dies.

Great Barrier Reef thorns

Each month we also review a batch of notable new travel books. William Caverlee dives into three of them, including a Lonely Planet pictorial book on the U.S. National Parks on their 100th birthday.

Graham Reid digs into four new world music releases from three continents.

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  1. Nika Jane

    We should be responsible to preserved our nature not just for our own sake but for the next generation. Let’s do it while it’s not too late. Every living creatures are connected including humans if we are not aware enough of nature, we might totally lose them.

  2. John

    Well the nasty part is that while some of us keep their head in the sand, the climate change will hit all of us. I’ve been feeling the changes already and everywhere I go, there are consequences.

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