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Where Can You Live More Than 3 Months on a Tourist Visa?

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Fly here, stick around four months

As I was getting close to launching the book A Better Life for Half the Price, I wanted to get interested people on an e-mail list. So I started giving away a document with a rundown on all the places you could stay for four months or more after arrival, no border runs required.

I missed a few back then and as I noted in this getting easier to live in India article, that country has gotten even more attractive from a long-term stay perspective.

As best I can tell, there are now at least 22 countries around the world where Americans can stay for more than three months, and it’s pretty close for Canadians. UK citizens have it the best if they stay in the EU because in addition to all the commonwealth countries, they can stay in any EU nation long-term as well.

You can get the updated document here if you join the other 10,000 people now on that Cheap Living Abroad newsletter list. It usually goes out monthly, very rarely more than twice in a month.

Here are a few interesting tidbits  that came out of the new research.

Cambodian food

Longest Tourist Stay Allowed for a Fee

India wins by a mile on this one, allowing Americans to get a 10-year multi-entry tourist visa with stays of 180 consecutive days allowed. You used to need to stay away for 60 days before returning, but not anymore.

In Cambodia you have to apply for a business visa and it’s not as easy as just fogging a mirror anymore. But if you get one you can freely live and work for a year. Otherwise though, they’re still pretty generous with the tourist visa extension, allowing you up to six months if it’s your first visit. See more in this post on living in Cambodia.

Longest Cheap Living Stay Allowed for No Cost

Multiple countries allow stays for up to 180 days on a tourist visa, but most of them are island nations like Barbados and Mauritius that are not exactly a bargain. The best “better life for half the price” options that allow you to stay this long on a visa on arrival are Mexico, Panama, and Peru. You usually have to request the 180 days at the immigration counter though, so be awake and diligent when you step up to the counter and be clear about your intentions on your immigration forms.

Guanajuato City

Where We Can All Meet up for a Year

In the country of Georgia, for people from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia there’s no visa required for a stay of 360 days. Americans can stay in Albania (one of the cheapest places to live outside the USA) a whole year for the asking.

Where to Drive and Stay for Six Months

In addition to Mexico, Canadians and Americans can visit each others’ countries for 180 consecutive days. Get a T-Mobile North America plan and you can keep the same data and texts rolling even. Yea NAFTA!

If you’re British and you stay in the EU, you can take a car ferry then drive to any fellow member country and put down roots for six months. For now anyway. Other EU countries don’t have the nasty Brexit complications to worry about. Evora Alentejo

Your Island Paradise

I was just in Fiji for my wedding anniversary and if I had decided not to come home, I could have stayed for four months. In Jamaica it’s six months for those from the U.S., UK, and Canada.

Less Love for the Yanquis

The U.S. military may be stationed in South Korea, but when it comes to visas upon arrival, Americans (and Brits) get 90 days, Canadians get 180.

What About Those Digital Nomad Visas?

The pandemic put everything on hold for a while, but one great development that came out of that is the rise of digital nomad visas. More than 40 have been announced in some form and a notable few of those are in reasonably priced countries where it was tough to stay long-term before. There’s lots of fine print to digest, but these are available now in Hungary, Romania, Panama, and some other attractive destinations. 

I didn’t break those down here though because they don’t automatically let you stay more than three months without applying and filling out a lot of paperwork. So you’re not on a tourist visa with these; they are more like a streamlined residency visa. Then with many of them you get into tax implications if you stay for more than six months, so you really have to apply for real residency anyway to avoid that. 

Get the full report here: Four Months or More on a Tourist Visa


Sunday 25th of December 2016

Not True about Panama for Americans.

It's 180 days. I live here and have been coming/going since being stationed here from 87-91 in the US Army. Check the Panamanian website:

Tim Leffel

Monday 26th of December 2016

Jefe - I do have Panama on the document, but the 180 days upon arrival doesn't seem to be automatic. The last two times I entered I got 30 days once and 90 days once. In theory if I had asked for more I would have gotten it, as that IS what it says in writing on the State Dept. site you posted. But some sources in Panama still say "If you only get 90 days approved upon arrival, you must renew in Panama City for another 90 days." This is true for Mexico too in all fairness---if you don't press it upon arrival, you won't get the 180 days.

I'm amending the post though to say you should get 180.


Friday 16th of December 2016

What about Albania?? I hear Americans can stay in Albania for one year

Tim Leffel

Monday 19th of December 2016

Everything I've read says tourist visas are good for a max of 90 days, much like the rest of Europe.


Tuesday 29th of November 2016

I just found your website today and am loving all the helpful info!! I am wondering if you or anyone has advise for the best place for an American/Israeli couple. I am American, but my fiancé is Israeli, and we are trying to find the best place where both of us can stay for at least 6 months easily. We have an online business so that should be helpful as far as proving appropriate income. Thank again for amazing articles and advice!!!

Tim Leffel

Wednesday 30th of November 2016

I know there are some countries Israelis aren't allowed to visit, much less live in, so it's really going to depend on where that's not the case. That country's embassy will probably be the best place to start.

Sanjeet Veen

Thursday 4th of August 2016

Very Good information, thanks for posting.


Monday 4th of July 2016

I think you can stay in Cuba like forever, but you need to find a place like a casa particular

You need a visa but staying its not a big deal....