Travel Writers Need a Vacation Too

travel writer on vacation

Consider this a placeholder blog post because it’s the only new one that will go up this week. By the time you see this I’ll be that guy above, snorkeling around the waters of Vanua Levu island in Fiji.

Yes, I’m going on a real vacation. I don’t plan on being holed up in my room writing or checking my social media streams to let other people into my thoughts.

Around 20 years ago, after I traveled around the world for a year with the woman I fell in love with, we decided it was time to be official and get married. We weren’t exactly loaded then since we’d been saving up to go circle the globe again. So after the ceremony we were honeymooning backpackers for three weeks in Morocco instead of being typical honeymooners drinking cocktails with umbrellas at a resort somewhere.

Two decades later, this second honeymoon is going to be more upscale. I won three nights at Koro Sun Resort (where these photos are from) when my Handmade in Oaxaca story scored a Gold from the North American Travel Journalists Association. Thanks to some smart travel hacking, we also had enough miles to fly all the way to Fiji and back on American and Fijian Airlines. Another resort invited me to stay in order to review the place for Hotel Scoop and I had enough Starwood points to cover a night at the Westin before we fly out. There is a night and a half at another hotel in there after we arrive in the South Pacific all the way from Florida, but prices are fairly reasonable in the main city where the airport is, it turns out.

Fiji beach

We’ll mostly have the phones turned off and the senses turned up, getting away from the screens and back to the outdoors. I plan on spending time kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking, and snorkeling, giving my eyes a rest from the backlit glow that’s too-present in our modern lives.

I’ll return refreshed, invigorated, and full of ideas. So stay tuned. Meanwhile, there are 1,471 past posts you can go through in the archives. Start with this one: Hey You Stressbuckets – Take a Vacation Already!

  1. Absss

    I really happy to find your article.Thank you for sharing this posts because my favourite hobby is travelling.I am planning a trip to the god’s own country Kerala.

  2. Dianne A.

    Have a wonderful, well-deserved vacation!

  3. Eric B

    Everyone needs to turn off the chatter now and then and have a real break. All the screens scramble your brain.

  4. Sand In My Suitcase

    Enjoy your unplugged time away! You’re right, travel writers need vacations too :-).

  5. Kati ("Ms B")

    I hope you guys have a blast! It looks like it is going to be a lot o fun.

  6. AlaskaDon

    Hope you have a great vacation Tim!

  7. Hulk

    Please leave all the work and enjoy your wonderful vacation. Have fun.

  8. Jetchoice

    Thanks for sharing this amazing post, nice images. we have made a plan for going a nice trip in Alaska.

  9. Jetchoice

    thanks for this amazing post.nice imazes.

  10. Gina Gomez

    I’m tired of being an office girl. Maybe I need some rest. I came across this blog and I appreciate the location, I really feel this extreme excitement. Thank you for the post.

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