Malaysia, Sayulita, and Vancouver in the new Perceptive Travel Issue

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It’s a new month and time for a new issue of Perceptive Travel, the decade-old, multi-award-winning online magazine where I’m editor. Each issue puts out some of the best travel stories you’ll find on the web, plus reviews of mew world music releases and new travel books worth checking out.

This time we head first to a small, usually forgotten town in rural Malaysia. Once a year, however, they use an obscure piece of history as an excuse to set off lots and lots of fireworks. See Deep Red Threat in Malaysia.

Gillian Kendall was in fine spirits on her flight from Seattle to Vancouver, but after going back to retrieve something left on the plane, found herself Locked out of Canada.

A village on the Pacific coast of Mexico is home to an eclectic mix of surfers and ex-stockbrokers, artists and anglers. Anna Elkins stays for a while in a villa overlooking the ocean and finds her voice and bliss. See A Rumi of Her Own in Sayulita.

Susan Griffith takes the reins on the travel book reviews this month, checking out the latest from Bill Bryson and two other Americans abroad.

Laurence Mitchell spins the world music for April, with Fela Kuti’s first band (when he played trumpet), some retro Ethiopian music, and two other albums with African roots.

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Thanks to last month’s featured gear company Native Eyewear, Canadian reader Bill K. will be welcoming the spring with a new pair of quality sunglasses worth more than $100. And all it took was a few minutes and an e-mail…

  1. Enrico

    Sorry Tim. I have to disagree on Sayulita. Its time has already come and gone. Tons of gringos driving around in hyped up quads thinking they are still somewhere between west Texas and inland Southern California.

    Once pretty. Now filled with overpriced restaurants and Pilates studios.


  2. John

    I remember reading somewhere about the Malaysian village – it’s something to do with their communist period as far as I remember. It is indeed a weird way to keep alive some very shady times.

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