Unfaked Marriage in Tajikstan, Grave Locks in Argentina, and a Shocking Kiss on the Berlin Wall

Recoleta Cemetery lock

It’s time for the latest issue of Perceptive Travel, featuring some of the best travel stories you’ll find online (or elsewhere). This time we head to rural Tajikstan, Buenos Aires, and the artsy side of Germany.

As I mentioned in January, Perceptive Travel turned 10 recently. We posted the first issue on January 1 of 2006. We’ve had a couple design changes since then, but were due for a new one to finally get the magazine into a mobile responsive format. That’s done now, so you can read any page on a phone, a tablet, or a phablet and be able to see the photos and text in a very long scroll.

We still think it looks better on a large screen, especially since we feature the authors’ books or what we’re reading in the sidebar and there’s no such thing as a sidebar on a phone. Just that long scroll. But whatever way you like to read, we’ll see you there.

Anyway, not many people are on Couchsurfing in rural Tajikstan, but the guy this couple went to stay with was, with his very conservative Muslim family, and…well, see No Country for Honest Men.

Tajikstan travel

The Recoleta Cemetery in the ritzy part of historic Buenos Aires is like a little city unto itself and a great study of mini architecture and the decline of fortunes. See Unlocking Argentina’s History.

There’s a lot of history wrapped up in what is left of the Berlin Wall in Germany, much of it freakishly captured in one poignant bit of street art. See On the Old Berlin Wall, a Kiss is not Just a Kiss.

Then Susan Griffith checks out some interesting travel books for the month and Laurence Mitchell runs down some notable new world music releases.

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Each month we give away something cool to the small percentage of readers who take action and enter the monthly contest. Last month one of them scored 10 books for our 10th anniversary—otherwise known as a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

This time we’re giving away a very cool $129 EcoCarbon waterproof Bluetooth portable speaker from ExoGear. With a built-in subwoofer it’ll bring the noise!

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