My Favorite Travel Gear Brands: Eagle Creek

EC Adventure 25 review

My relationship with Eagle Creek goes back almost as far as my relationship with my wife—who started as my companion on a year-long journey circling the globe back in the early ’90s. I actually went to Eagle Creek’s 40th anniversary party a few months ago because they’ve been around since 1975. Eagle Creek suitcase review

I first discovered the brand through their accessories, using their various theft prevention items like a money holder that went under my pants and a cable lock that could secure our backpacks to a stationary item. They managed to foil any theft attempt except one night on an Indian train when some well-practiced robber managed to reach through a window, cut a zipper, and steal my camera while I snoozed less than two feet away.

On later trips I used one of their backpacks and now that I travel more with my family when on vacation, we’ve used a whole bunch of their suitcases. None of them has crapped out on us yet, which leads me to one of their main benefits: a “No Matter What” guarantee. Eagle Creek is so confident in their luggage that if your wheels fall off a few years from now, they’ll fix or replace the bag for you. The zippers, wheels, handles, and other parts are top-notch.

Sometimes you do get what you pay for. This is one of the few top-tier travel gear brands that has a lifetime warranty, up there with Osprey, Tilley Hats, and Briggs & Riley.

The latest bag I’ve been traveling with when I’m able to check a bag with no charges is this EC Adventure 25 one with two wheels. They also make other sizes and there’s a 4-wheel version, but I find that I can move a lot faster through airports with two wheels rather than four and when you get into places that aren’t really meant for wheels, the ones like this that are the kind you see on in-line skates are far superior.

Here’s a video demo I did recently, including some packing cubes and a toiletry kit from Eagle Creek that help keep things organized when you’re on the move.

I’m a big fan of this brand, as you can tell by all the other bags of theirs I pull out in that video. I expect to be using this suitcase for a very long time.

The EC Adventure 25-inch check-in version lists for about $300, but you can find it, the 4-wheel version, and a carry-on version on sale for less online. Check the Eagle Creek site to buy direct or scope it out on eBags and Irv’s Luggage.

  1. Dan

    You mentioned how you can lock all of the zippers, but are the zippers on the suitcase, or any suitcase for that matter, capable of resisting a pointy object (pen) from separating the two sides and allowing someone to pull them apart to gain entry?

    • Tim Leffel

      Dan, Pacsafe ones are. I’ll be writing about them in a later post. Another one of my favorites! But on a side note, I try to never put anything valuable in a suitcase I’m going to check.

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