A Portland Weed Tour, the Bamboo Train, & Dueling Smiles in Myanmar

Bamboo train Cambodia by James Dorsey

November is here and it’s time for the latest monthly edition of Perceptive Travel, the best online travel magazine for the past 9 years and 10 months.

After battling for years on the craft beer front, you knew that a place like Portland couldn’t watch Denver steal its thunder with two kinds of intoxicants for long. So recently Oregon matched Colorado in making the evil weed a legal weed. This being America’s most bike-friendly city, of course a bike tour soon sprung up to visit dispensaries and other related hangouts on two wheels. See Becky Garrison’s new feature story: Serving Craft [email protected]@bis in Portland.

There’s another kind of useful weed growing like mad in Cambodia: bamboo. Once the old French-built rail lines were abandoned, the enterprising locals used bamboo with some leftover parts and built something out of nothing, stringing together rolling flat-topped cars to move through the jungle. No sides, no seats, no brakes. See James Michael Dorsey’s story here: Riding the Bamboo Train in Cambodia.

Bruce Northam returned to Myanmar for the fourth time recently. The country is transforming quickly, with tourists flooding in after the loosening of iron-fisted rule and thus sanctions. He went off the beaten track on a hike through rural villages though, where life has only changed a little. See Dueling Smiles in Muzzled Myanmar.

Village elder in Burma

Every month we check out what’s coming down the pike in the media world too. Graham Reid gives the lowdown on four new world music albums. William Caverlee reviews the latest travel books from war photographer Lynsey Addario, writer Don George, and the tireless compilation crew at Lonely Planet.

Turn $10 into $100 or More

Usually we do a giveaway each month and from the October issue, reader Tabby of California scored a fancy new Convertabrief from Eagle Creek.

Passports with PurposeThis month we’re offering up dozens of prizes instead of just one though by referring everyone to Passports with Purpose. I’ve participated in that charity project for years and if you tun in here next week you’ll see what I’ve brought to the line-up. But visit the Perceptive Travel Blog on November 9 for links because there we’re giving away a $100 gift certificate to ExOfficio.com. We’re big fans of that brand and are happy to be teaming up with them to help bring e-readers and electronic books to libraries in Kenya. You can see more about the recipient and this year’s program at the Passports with Purpose website.

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  1. Martha

    They have weed tours now, huh? Seems I need to make my way over to Oregon sometime… for educational purposes only of course!

  2. Kanchan

    It sounds good “bamboo train”. Myanmar is a very good place to spend holidays.

  3. gary

    Alas, I am hot hip enough to visit Portland again. Same goes for Asheville.
    Once I encountered a ‘bistro’ serving Mango sausage with quinoa with a side of gluten-free gooseberry fritters alongside a triple-hopped IPA, I knew that I could never go back.

    I can hope that the same fate won’t befall Burma nor Cambodia.

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