Doolin Drumming, Celestial Quebec, and Middle-aged Singapore

Quebec forest

It’s time for the October issue of Perceptive Travel, home to great narrative travel stories from book authors on the move.

All three this month are from returning authors, starting with Gillian Kendall’s attempt to go from spectator to participant by learning to play the Irish drum. See Fekkin’ Savage: Learning to Drum in Doolin, County Clare.

David Lee Drotar heads to the eastern townships of Quebec to interact with nature, but enhanced by technology (As in the photo at the top). See Celestial Quebec.

Michael Shapiro hits Singapore during its 50th birthday celebration and finds a prosperous city that still refuses to be pinned down by easy descriptions or black and white pronouncements. See Celebrating 50 Years, Singapore Dreams of an Even Brighter Future.

Susan Griffith reviews three new travel books worth reading. Slow Road to Brownsville and Channel Shore are unhurried road trip stories set in the middle USA and the south coast of England. The other is a spirited attempt to retrace the steps of forgotten women explorers from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Laurence Mitchell reviews new world music releases, from Spanglish Fly and the Soul Jazz Orchestra to Ana Alcaide and two veterans from Mali and France teaming up to make some cross-continent magic.

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    There’s a link in the photo and text. If you want to enter the contest, you need to look at the newsletter (if you’re on the list) or follow Perceptive Travel on Facebook to see the entry questions.

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