Sahara Dialogues, Mexican Wildlife, and Hiking with Teddy Roosevelt

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After we took a vacation in August, Perceptive Travel is back with a new issue for September. As usual we bring you travel stories you haven’t seen in a dozen other places already, digging deeper into places and people around the world.

This time award-winning contributor James Dorsey is back with another tale from Africa, traversing 100 miles of the Sahara desert in the same clothing as his guide, a Teureg nomad. See Sahara Dialogues.

Tourism is slowly but surely moving beyond concrete high-rises and beach chairs in Mexico, once you get away from the resort areas anyway. I took my ily to stop and smell the orchids in Queretaro state with Sierra Gorda Ecotours. See Tourism as a Force for Change in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere.

Prolific author Chris Epting traveled to Yosemite National Park with his daughter to retrace the steps of a man who made it a park in the first place after seeing the light on a multi-day trip with John Muir. See Hiking in Teddy Roosevelt’s Footsteps in Yosemite.

Graham Reid puts the “world” in world music with reviews of a London group playing music from Bangladesh, exiles from Mali produced by Robert Plant’s guitarist, and an “India-born, New York-based Canadian.”

William Caverlee checks out some new and worthwhile travel books, with authoritative titles on Ireland and the English coast, then a Lonely Planet survival guide that swings glibly from how to survive an avalanche or snake bite to how to survive heartbreak or singing karaoke.

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Between issues, you can always catch new material on the Perceptive Travel Blog, which has been named a top travel blog by the Society of American Travel Writers and the North American Travel Journalists Association. Good stuff!

  1. Rhyna keli

    Amazing Blog Post….Unique experience enjoy camping in desert.
    I really love this place as next travel destination…

  2. Southern Cone Travel

    I suggest following TR’s footsteps in the Andes:

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