Spanish Camino Magic, Richard III’s Makeover, and Talking to Butterflies in Guatemala

King Richard 3rd

Yes it’s time for another issue of Perceptive Travel, the award-winning online travel magazine with stories from book authors on the move.

This month we dive into the mysterious world beyond our own with stories from Europe and Central America.

One of them is from me, from a budget travelers’ favorite in Central America. At the end of a recent week there, I ended up the special guest at a sacred shaman ceremony, which was a little out of my element to put it lightly. From the start, things did not go well. See Calling Ancestors Through the Butterflies in Guatemala.

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Beebe Bahrami has written for Perceptive Travel about Spain before. This time she returns to the famous long Camino pilgrimage route and discovers plenty of strange characters along the way. See Trail Magic on the Way of Saint James.

A writer best known for her historical novels shares the story of how hated King Richard III ended up reformed in the public eye after his bones were discovered and enshrined in the working class British city of Leicester. See An American Novelist in King Richard III’s Court.

As always we run down some interesting things to check out for your bedside table or music player too. William Caverlee reviews new books on eating in Vietnam, circling the globe on a tandem bike, and the 10th Best Travel Writing compilation that contains many Perceptive Travel alumni. Graham Reid highlights new musical projects from Mali, Congo, and Palestine.

Could You Use Some New Hiking Shoes?

Each month we give away something useful for your travels and each time somebody who takes the time to enter scores some name brand gear item for nuthin’. In June we gave away an insulated growler and mug from Hydro Flask. Appropriately enough, the random winner was a reader from Portland, land of the Brewcycle! I think she’ll be able to find a place to fill them up without going very far.


This time, in the summer hiking season, we’re giving away a $140 pair of shoes from one of my favorite brands, Oboz. These are serious shoes for those planning to do more than walk around the block. If a guy wins he’ll get the Bridger Low, if it’s a woman the female version that’s an over-ankle model.

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