Holiday Visit to Chernobyl, 7 a.m. Baseball in Cambodia, & Biking Through Bountiful Oregon

visit Chernobyl

It’s time for the March 2015 issue of Perceptive Travel, home to great narrative travel stories from book authors on the move.

This month we have a story about a place that’s not at the top of most editors’ coverage list right now: Ukraine. You probably will start seeing stories about it this time next year though because it’ll be the 20-year anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster. The site already gets a fair number of very controlled visitors—who can rent a Geiger counter to bring along—but the scenes presented for photographing may not bear much resemblance to reality. See Chernobyl: Mutate and Survive.

Michael Shapiro’s first book was about the budding world wide web way back when, but he vowed to not become one of those sad travelers tethered to home by technology while halfway around the world. Then many years later he finds himself in Asia while his beloved home baseball team competes in the championship. See Watching the World Series in Cambodia and Korea.

biking Oregon

I took a bike tour through Oregon last year with Lifecycle Adventures and expected nice scenery, some good wine, and plenty of great beer to choose from. That’s just the start though in this land of abundance and pure celebration of what we eat and drink. See Biking Through the Bounty of Oregon.

As always, we’ve got reviews of some new travel books, including the latest anthology from Don George, with “Innocent Abroad” stories from 35 different writers.

The latest round of world music reviews takes us from North Africa to Bangladesh to 1970s Kenya.

travel daypack

Win Some Gear!

As always, our regular Perceptive Travel readers have a shot at winning something cool. Last month newsletter subscriber Ben from Atlanta scored the Pickpocket Proof Pants and P^Cubed shirt of his choice. This month someone else will keep their money safe and then some: Sea to Summit is giving a lucky reader a four-pack of goodies from their Travelling Light collection: a travel wallet, day pack, money belt, and travel pillow. I especially love the Ultra-Sil day pack. It scrunches down into a little pouch that can fit into your palm.

The best way to get in on the action each month is to be on the Perceptive Travel newsletter list. It only comes once a month and your info is never shared.

Quality Writing is Good for the Soul

Best travel stories onlineMy Oregon story referenced above is about eating good food and drink that has come from the soil, not from a chemistry lab. We feel the same way about the content on Perceptive Travel: we publish stories that will make you feel mentally nourished and enlightened, not top-10 lists that are like a bad sugar rush. But you don’t have to take our word for it. The North American Travel Journalists Association just named the publication “Best Online Travel Magazine.” This is on top of the Society of American Travel Writers giving the blog side of it a Gold for Best Travel Blog.

A slew of its individual writers and stories were recognized too by NATJA as well as the Solas Best Travel Writing Awards from Travelers’ Tales. See the whole rundown with links here: Best Online Travel Magazine and Other Awards.

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