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Talking Cheap Travel Spots and Living Abroad

Tim Leffel podcast

Want to give your eyes a rest and hear some audio chats about traveling on a budget and international living?

I’m preparing my long annual post on the cheapest places to live in the world, so that’ll be next up. Meanwhile here are a couple recent podcast appearances.

Nathaniel Boyle is the host of The Daily Travel Podcast and he had me on the show recently to talk about traveling on a budget and making it permanent. We actually met in Athens while at the TBEX Europe convention and ended up in the same bar way too late in the evening after more Greek beers than I can remember. This time the conversation was more coherent. Get it on iTunes, Stitcher, or streaming on the website.

Leffel budget minded travelerJackie Laulainen, host of The Budget Minded Traveler podcast, was at that same event in Greece and it was obvious within two minutes of us meeting that we should be connected. We talk about my two books, working abroad, and visas in this episode. Stream it there or download it on iTunes.

So about those pics…

The one at the top is by my Guanajuato buddy Katie Clancy and was taken about two and a half years ago, before my daughter became a teenager. The one on the right is on the Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia.

In the Media

I’ve also been quoted in a few articles lately, including this one on what’s going to be more expensive in 2015. I’m bringing the bad news that airfares and biz hotels will cost more, but apparently the hipsters are to blame for a rise in bacon and bourbon prices. Bummers all around.

In Budget Travel, I’m talking strategies to get the best deals on Priceline.

FlipKey put me on their list of the top 25 Budget Travel Bloggers to follow.

I’m not really the best smartphone-addicted guy to be asking about the best travel apps, but maybe the other 41 experts in that article will help you go beyond the obvious ones I use regularly.


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mark terry

Thursday 14th of July 2016

If I lived in India and wanted to do a visa run, where would be the cheapest place (and with the least bureaucracy) to do a visa run?


Monday 22nd of December 2014

I don't know about moving to these, but I would definitely like to visit a few of these destinations.