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Come Eat Some Street Food in Guanajuato


Want to get a tour of Guanajuato with me and chow down on some good Mexican Street Food? Follow that link and sign up if you’re heading my way.

The problem with having a job that you can do from anywhere is that you end up doing your same job everywhere. A big reason my family ended up in Guanajuato is that most of the tourists are Mexican tourists and we actually use our Spanish regularly. It’s also a beautiful place to walk around, with weather that encourages you to be outside almost every day of the year. When I’ve got my head down cranking out articles and blog posts, however, dealing with freelancers and advertisers, sometimes I look up and go, “It’s Friday already?”

sope GuanajuatoSo if you come to Guanajuato and want to get a tour that mixes some sightseeing, market tours, and lots of chowing down, come get me out of the house. We’ll get some buns from a bakery and see where they make them. We’ll tour a local market and then later a larger covered one. We’ll sample carnitas, gorditas, tamales, and more, washing it down with fresh-squeezed juices.

We’ll ride a funicular up to a lookout point and walk down the alleys where people have only one way to get to their home: on foot. Then we’ll have some street stand ice cream and go our separate ways for a siesta.

chorizo tacos

I’ve taken out three groups so far and I’ll post some testimonials on the site later with their impressions of my tour guide and food fact-quoting abilities. Hopefully by now I know a thing or two about the highlights of my adopted town and the best vendors to buy from. Check the rest of the site out here for details: Guanajuato Street Food Tours.

Street Food Tours Update 2017

This tour has now been running continuously for a few years and while I’m back in the states, I have four local guides taking care of whoever comes through. We also added a “Bars and Tacos” night tour of the city where you check out the nighttime street food and try different Mexican libations. This is a great walking city, with far more pedestrian streets than ones that allow cars.

Hope you can make it there if you decide to take a tour in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Guanajuato.

Hasta pronto!


Wednesday 26th of March 2014

I am a frequent traveler to Mexico, and I love Guanajuato. Your tour sounds like great fun! I'll be in Mexico City at Easter (a bit far from Guanajuato), but the next time I make it to Guanajuato I will check to see if you are still offering the tour. Saludos