I Wrote Some Articles and Won Some Awards

best-travel-writertravel writing award

I won some more travel writing awards this month, thus the badges to kick this off, but I’ll save the braggadocio for last. First here are some articles I’ve written in other places.

When’s the last time you read a travel article about Guadalajara? If you answered zero or one, I think you’re pretty normal. I’ve done a few over the years though and this is one of the most useful ones you’ll find if I may say so myself. My latest on the Viator travel blog: From Tequila to Tlaquepaque in Guadalajara. (With some fun photos.)

One of my other semi-regular gigs is to dish out value travel advice on the personal finance blog of H&R Block. Here’s my latest for them: Going on Vacation Without Breaking the Bank.

I didn’t write this piece for Grandparents.com, but I got quoted in it a lot and the article is useful, so go check it out: Affordable Tips for Your Travel Bucket List.

I wrote about New Orleans restaurants for the Trivago blog.

Leffel in Nicaragua

Of course I’m reviewing travel gear each week. Like Field Notes, a new sun hat I’m digging, and something everyone who wants to pack light should have: ExOfficio travel underwear.

I just set up a pretty portfolio on this site called Contently if you want to check out some of my life outside this blog: Tim Leffel portfolio. .

So about those awards. Perceptive Travel won a Silver from the North American Travel Journalists Association for “best online travel magazine.” Two of my individual stories won prizes too, ones on Miami and Portugal.

Next time we return to our regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Anthony

    Congrats Tim

  2. Christine

    Loved the article on Guadelajara…the art alone makes me want to visit.

  3. gary

    Congratulations, Tim … and thanks for all of your efforts!


  4. Sally @ thewinetraveller

    Congratulations Tim… carry on and win more and more awards. Best of luck.

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