Are You Avoiding Mexico City for Outdated Reasons?

There’s a fantastic Metropolis a few hours’ flight away on a plane, for often not much more than a domestic flight. Have you been to Mexico City or is there something holding you back?

Mexico City dining

Most US and Canadian travelers—even experienced ones—know less about the largest city in our hemisphere than they know about half the capital cities in Europe or Asia. Mexico City is an amazingly unknown entity for a city packed with so many superlatives and terrific things to see. Judging from the comments I hear all the time from those who should know better, it seems most people’s perceptions are still stuck in the 90s.

In short, Mexico City is a far cleaner, safer, and more interesting place than it was 20 years ago. And every time I go back I see more improvements. When I talk to expats who live there, especially the ones who have been there for a long time, they feel like they’re living in the most dynamic, interesting place in the world, with incredible potential to keep getting better. It’s a far different narrative than you hear in say, Madrid, Cleveland, or Manila.

I dare any hipster from Brooklyn or Portland to stroll through the Condesa and Roma neighborhoods and not be impressed with the diversity of bars, restaurants, and cool shops. I can’t imagine even the snobbiest art snob not finding something interesting in the 172 museums (reportedly the most in the world) and the dozens of galleries. If you’re a tourist, start with the Museum of Popular Art, where you’ll see cool things like this.

museo de arte popular

You could spend an entire day easily in the Anthropology Museum, where you’ll see things like this.

Mexico City

You could walk along the streets and stumble upon something like this (and yes, those are share bikes the locals use—set up long before NYC did it.)

Mexico City street

Downtown Mexico now has a hotel called just that, run by the ultra-hip Grupo Habita, a company that had the balls to put an upscale hotel and a hostel in the same building, sharing the same pool and bar. The first floor is filled with shops that are chic and fun while still being very Mexican and the richest man in the world has been buying up old buildings nearby and restoring them to their former glory.

Last week when I was there a festival of lights was going on. There were installations like this one, doing a light show on the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

DF festival

If you wondered whether locals have any appetite for art and culture, here’s what the crowd was like on the streets that night:

And then there’s the cuisine. Ask any well-traveled foodie where the best places to eat in the Americas are and after rattling off a few cities in the USA and maybe Canada, the next ones to come rolling off the tongue will inevitably be Lima and…Mexico City. Two of the top-50 restaurants in the world on Pellegrino’s prestigious annual list are here, but if you’re on a $50 a day budget you’ll eat really well too. It’s great from top to bottom.

And about that pollution? Sure, it’s a city of some 20 million if you count the outlying areas, but Delhi or Shanghai it is not. The city has taken huge steps to reduce pollution and it’s a blue sky place much of the time now. This was the view nearly every day I was there, those mountains being some 25 miles in the distance.

Mexico City cleaner air

One of the world’s great capital cities is on your doorstep. And it’s cheaper than Paducah or Boise. Just go already.

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  1. Lydia Carey

    By far the best place on earth!

  2. Christine

    Great article. The pictures really tell the story and make me want to visit Mexico City. I, like so many others, have been to other Mexican destinations, but not the capital.

  3. Linda

    It’s right up there with New York, San Francisco, and Buenos Aires for culture. And definitely one of the world’s best for food. A lot of people are missing out because their opinion was formed two or three decades ago and hasn’t changed. Remember, New York City had its rough times too, not so long ago.

  4. jim johnston

    Thanks for helping to dispel the misinformation about our great city.

  5. Bruce

    The article is right on. I lived in Mex City 6 years. So many things the article
    didn’t mention. Do your homework on what to see. Then pack your clothes.

  6. Ale

    In behalf of Mexico as a born and raised perdon from Mexico city, Gracias!!!! Yes Mi city id an uotstanding place full of richness in so many levels, come abs let us share her with you from the prehipanic to today’s history, bienvenidos- welcome. Alejandra

  7. Jorge (a local guy)

    Excessive traffic, inept authorities, corrupt government, uncontrolled growth, uneducated drivers, among many other defects make Mexico City a living hell place to live. Yet, it’s a wonderful place to visit, just don’t stay long, ok?

    • Isabel (born and raised)

      Really? A living hell? Then move away… I’ve been away from the city for a little while now and I can tell you: I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Defects and all, it is one of the coolest cities to live in. There’s always something to do and somewhere you can go!, the food is incomparable (immune not the international cuisine, but I have yet to find street food quite like what you can get there anywhere outside of Mexico)

      • Jack

        I have lived in CDMX for 5 years now and yes it is a very cool place. However, for me anyway, the noise and traffic have gotten to be too much. Time to go!

    • Albert

      1920 México City was the most beautiful city on the american continent. They needed not two world wars to destroy that wonderful city. Today its a horror without architecture, planing, life quality. It s a gigantic horrible favela. It has more habitants than all Scandinavia together but in a smallcity in germano is more cultural activity than in México City. not even one single ópera house! In a city like Berlin, that has 1/8 of the population of México city, or Prague, that has 5% of the population of México city more cultural activity as in this 24 millionen horrible favela. And the childish mentality of the mexicans is unbearable…. And don t for geht that the cultural and educacion of mexicans is lower than in many african countries. They aré just primitive, uneducated, childish. its natural that people prefers to go to europe and not to a country of analphabetes

      • Tanya

        It seems you know Mexico city very well… or you wish. Have you actually ever been there and stayed for a while to meet the people or visit the museums? Well, I’m mexican, and yes, we might not have the best government and we have a problem with corruption, but the way you are generalizing and judging tells me that you are definitely not as smart as you think or mature. It is a city with an enormous cultural background, a mix of the prehispanic and european culture which is reflected not only in religion but also in the food, the art, and the architecture. Downtown you can find so many beautiful buildings; the cathedral, the palacio de correos, palacio de bellas artes, hotel de Mexico, a Sanborns restaurant made entirely with auzulejos, between so many others, or go to Coyoacan or San angel, full with colonial houses and colorful markets. Or if what you mean as “architecture” are modern buildings then take a walk along Reforma or go to Santa fe. The fact you are saying the is no architecture speaks so much about your ignorance. And we might not have an opera house, but we have many concert halls and theaters, including Bellas Artes where not only many important ballets around the world have made an appearance but works also as one of the most important museums of the city. And talking about museums, we are the city with most museums in the world, and important ones. So I really doubt that there is less cultural activity than in Berlin or Prague. And I dare to say so because i’ve had the pleasure to live in Germany and visited not only Prague two times but also Paris, Vienna and Rome between other cities. Yes, it is different, but our culture is impressive and our people kind. Like in most cities, of course there are areas you should avoid, specially as a tourist, but don’t you also in Berlin or New York? I live here right now, and I’m not afraid of going out at night, or drive alone with my window down, not once have i been attacked or robbed. I love to travel, but i also love to go back to my city, where there is always something to do. Finally, a 47% of the city’s population is middle to high middle class, a 31% is lower middle class and a 12% high class and our criminal rates are lower that the ones in cities like Washington D.C. or Boston and on national level, lower than Canada and the U.S. in kidnappings and assaults and lower than spain and France in rapes. Im Proud of my city, my country and my people, i hope you give yourself the chance to come and enjoy what this city has to offer.

      • EDUARDO

        Clearly your ignorance is vast. wont go into greater detail, just will address a single point you unacurately made: no opera house?? ok, please read, if you can follow spanish (doubtfully)

        rest my case, please stay in rural US, don´t come…

      • Esteban

        Albert please do not come to Mexico, you are not welcome!! Mexico in general is great, warm, kind, cultural… words are not enough. We do not need people like you. I’ll define you in one “Ignorant”, but better i will use the words you used: primitive, uneducated, childish.

      • José

        Albert – I’m really sorry you feel that way or you ended up being the ignorant person that you are. Whereas we are all entitled to our opinions, yours are obviously not as informed as they should be.
        As Esteban said, DO NOT come to Mexico City. You don’t deserve to experience our ‘buena vibra’.

      • Alonso

        Dear Albert, your ignorance and spite is so blatant as to be prone for ridicule. Culture goes beyond european concepts, other persons could say that the German city or Prague are too dull as they don’t have mariachis, trios, jaranas, salsa or danzon (I recommend some dance halls) or reggae places or Indian classical music concerts, etc. And German and Czech food are so recognized that you see their restaurants all over any city (kind of like Mexican food). I like Germany and love Prague, but I would not despise Rangoon because it doesn’t look and feel like Europe. And sorry to say so, but I laughed myself out loud to read someone so petulant on culture when they have grammar like “They needed not two world wars” or spelling like “analphabetes”. I really hope for your sake that you are not a native English speaker (I get the feeling you are just a resented Mexican).

    • Mariana

      You’re right Mexico City is the only city with excessive traffic, corruption, uncontrolled growth, uneducated drivers… how dare anyone say it’s a fantastic city. If you got to NY or Shanghai (for example) on the other hand it’s so CLEAN, cops are ANGELS and drivers, so kind. Please forgive us.

      PS. The “bad” thing about Mexico City, not even… the bad thing about a A LOT of mexicans is that we just love to hate on everything! Talk good about a city, hate. Talk bad about a city, hate. There’s no winning really.

  8. Gina Machorro

    Travel to see real people and the wonders of all I live in Oaxaca state Puerto Escondido and you love to see this area not known,Live and enjoy México. Gina

  9. Arturo

    ¡Viva México! Excellent post.

  10. Memo Terres

    Mexico City is the place where you can see the legacy of the Aztec culture by visiting downtown museums and nearby pyramids, feel the Hispanic and European influence at the city centre with majestic buildings such as the metropolitan cathedral, Chapultepec palace and the Palace of the fine arts and also experience the taste of a contemporary world class capital by seeing areas like Reforma, Polanco and Santa Fe, where first world hotels, restaurants, museums, galleries, a huge zoo and business centers await you. Culture is so strong it can easily be enjoyed by trying original and tasty Mexican food and buying local crafts. People are warm and welcoming, which will make your experience even more enjoyable! The article is true, Mexico City is a vibrant place which should not be missed!!

    • Arturo Ríos

      Hahahahahahahaha, this guy works for the Tourism Ministry, he is actually repeating the language from a tourism promo.

      Mexico City is actually a pretty pathetic city.

      Soy mexicano y me caga el DF… pinche ciudad de caca!!!

      • Patricia Ríos

        Si te da diarrea esta hermosa ciudad, no tienes que vivir en ella vete a donde te guste, pero te estas tardando !!

        • Cassetteart

          Qué Arturo Ríos — que dice ser mexicano — vaya y chingue a su reputísima madre lejos del D.F.!

      • Rafael

        Poor kid Arturo Rios, typical short minded individual from Monterrey most likely.
        Monterrey has experienced the exact opposite in the last 10 years, their city has become a “ciudad de caca”.

  11. luis

    I spent 22 days during the summer in Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Puebla and surroundings. I went to eighteen plays, two ballets (one typical and one classical, two contemporary dances and a couple of performances. Sometimes I attended two or three in a day, and then I will go out for some music…. All of this after visiting countless churches, museums (just to the Anthropological I went four times, and I spend four to six hours each time) , art galleries, etc. I spend two nights in Puebla, and one in Cuernavaca. I went to Teotihuacan, Tepoztlan, Cholula, Cacaxtla, Xochitecatl, and Xochicalco. I spend A day climbing the Nevado de Toluca volcano. I eat seven different kind of Moles and Pipianes, rattlesnake, crocodile, ants, etc. Tacos stuffed with the most diverse ingredients, from Pumpkin flowers, Corn Fungus and Chaya (spinach like tasting vegetables) to Agave Moth Larvae, Grasshoppers or Cow eyes, and every kind of protein and /or unpronounceable vegetables you can imagine. I ate in typical restaurants, contemporary restaurants, fancy restaurants, markets, food carts, or just from the ladies selling food out of a bucket on the street, and I never got sick once! People were incredibly helpful and among the nicest I ever encounter. I felt safe at all times. I became fascinated about Mexico City and the Country; its people, its history, its food and its very complex culture. Needless to say, that I spend a whole week, laying on my couch once I came back home, exhausted, reading and trying to understand for what I just I went through!!!

  12. Alejandra

    Thank you very much for this article. I’ve lived my whole life in Mexico City and I absolutely love it!! Is a great place to visit, as in New York you can find everything there’s something for everyone!

  13. Pecky

    Do not miss this guide !

  14. Eduardo

    Mex City is a dump.

  15. Alex

    Are you kidding me?? this article must have been written by a mexican, I’m an American who has been here for 6 years for work. World’s shittiest country, mexicans are by far the most stupidest people I have ever seen, it will take them 4 months just to give you a temp. ID, my son went to school, it’s more expensive than some of the colleges here and they don’t do research, do you ever here Mexico invent something….NO, cause they only care about eating and drinking tequila, no mexican gives a damn about his/her country and then they just sit and nag that their government is corrupt.

    You want my advice, avoid Mexico, go to Canada, it’s really nice, or Europe. Unless you wanna come here and suffer.

    • FC

      Them go back to your country and stop complaining!
      Drama Queen!
      Any foreígner working in another country should apreciate all the good things the country offers them.

    • Patricia

      Man! your comment is the most stupid thing in the world. If you think that the only thing they do is eat and drink TEQUILA then your the most ignorant person in the world and please, you talk about investigation, then investigate about mexican inventions ’cause there are some (color t.v.). Hating the country won’t make you grow professionally nor personally, you’ll be in a shit hole all your life. I’m sorry you’re born that stupid

    • Anonymouse

      I have to agree with all the replies you have gotten Alex. I am German and have lived in Mexico for a few years. Mexicans are one of the friendliest people I have ever seen. Furthermore they are hard working but at the same time unlike the american and german culture they also know how to appreciate their free time. They work to live whilste the western cultures live to work.
      Maybe one of the problems you have, Alex, is that you do not know how to integrate yourself into the culture. While I was living there i noticed that many foreigners, particularly US Americans, stick to people form their own nationality. I am pritty sure that you have few to no social contact to any Mexican and because of that your Spanish is probably poor.
      Also in terms of education it is probably the case that you are sending your children to a private school. Try doing that in the US or Europe and you will be paying the same if not more. Public schools are for free so either you accept the costs, send your children to public school or maybe better for both sides just leave the country.
      Once again I just want to repeat that I am 100% German and therefore am not defending my country but a foreign country because I completely disagree with all the statements you have made Alex. Obviously Mexico still has some problems, but honestly which country doesnt. I feel safer in Mexico City than in the Bronx or sometime Brooklyn. So just think about that next time you judge other peoples beloved country. The US also has its flaws!

      • Chilanga

        Danke friend from Germany for explaining life to Alex.
        … and Alex nationalities are written with a capital letter so it´s “Mexican” and I won´t even get into your punctuation. I take it you didn´t do very well in school.

  16. Alex's friend

    Dear Alex,

    I am not sure if you realize how uneducated and asinine you sound. I certainly don’t appreciate that you call yourself American. You perpetuate the redneck stereotype that some of us have tried so hard to change.

    Granted- Mexico City is disorganized , chaotic and not very clean. I spent a few years there myself so I know firsthand the hardships that living there brings.

    But please allow me to point out a couple of things that might prevent you from making an idiot out of yourself in public again (not sure why I even do that, I have the feeling that you will continue to excel in this task)

    First, It hurts my eyes just to read your message. Your grammar is equivalent to that of a third grader (in the special ed class that is). Second, If you are paying a higher tuition for ANY mexican school than what you would pay for an American higher education institution, I would be very careful before calling anyone stupid.

    Hope this advice helps Alex.

    Sincerely ,
    Alex’s friend

    • Chilanga

      Dear Alex´s “friend”,
      Don´t worry, as Mexicans we know better than to judge all Americans based on one that came out of the woods :)

    • Fabiola

      I loved your post Alex’s friend!!!

  17. Sergio Varela

    Not all Mexico is safer and cleaner, many cities are not safe or clean, most of touristic cities are safe, but some others should be avoided, a state (and I mean the whole state) that should be avoided by any means is Michoacan, drug cartels have taken FULL control of its cities, no strangers come in or go out, and tourists life is in serious danger if they visit some of its cities, many roads connecting cities in conflict are dangerous and many times to road travel in the night is not advised, this is the kind of things that the government do not talk about, but we citizens do know about. Visit Mexico, but be safe, don’t be a statistic, ask about the destiny you would like to visit, keep yourself informed.

    • Jeremy

      Sergio – I don’t believe he was writing about Michoacan. (Or Detroit, Guatemala City, San Pedro Sula, New Orleans…)

  18. Rachel G. Perez

    I love Mexico City! Have been there various times and always was a wonderful experience!

  19. Ivan Juarez

    Mexico City is a great place to visit. A lot of and different kind of places to visit!!!

  20. Eva

    Well dear Alex… Its never black or white. No country or city is perfect. And no one is denying the facts: Mexico still a developing country; lack of education and civic culture, corruption and many others are still our problems, and just for the record WE DO HAVE A SHITY PRESIDENT which we do complain a lot about, but let me remind you that he was partially placed on that position because of US influence (i am not denying Mexicans’ fault on that matter).
    However, this is not a blog about politics, it’s just one about nice touristic places, and everything they say about Mexico City is true. You can easily be here for an entire month and never repeat the same activity. Im not going to repeat my self. You guys as tourist won’t have to deal with Mexican politics issues…. So why nag about it!?
    At last but not least, let me just remind you that US citizens are not very liked worldwide. And everything you are saying about us right now (ignorants, corrupt, and specially stupid) I’ve heard it more than twice about you in Europe.
    So please next time, nail your comment more sharply.

  21. gary

    Well …

    What started as an eye-opening piece on how the DF has picked itself up and dusted itself off has devolved into a rant as to who(m) is idiotic, racist, lazy, stupid, prejudiced and other adjectives that escape me at the moment.

    Ahem …

    I’d like to offer this:

    I have a cousin in Arizona. She is a devout Christian (or she purports herself as one, anyway). Life is fine for her except for all those damn Mexicans collecting welfare, getting free medical care, and of course, food stamps.

    Maybe I’M an idiot, but that doesn’t appear very Christian to me. Or an accurate description of Mexicans or Mexican Americans for that matter.

    As to us dear Americans, I’ll be the first to agree that as a whole, we tend to sway more toward the inept side of being globally aware. Yet, we’re best compared to a tail waggin’ dog, meaning we are friendly to a fault, try to be good companions and all we ask for is a little attention, and to be fed and watered.

    On second thought, I’ll forego further bloviating and end with this Mark Twain quote:

    “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

    By the way, nice article Tim.


  22. kmfh

    Love my city! I’m living in Netherlands…I love it here but damn! I miss my city so much! I know it’s chaotic and a bit polluted but I just miss it! The same points written in this article are the things I told my foreign friends! Mexico city deserves a chance!

  23. Jesus

    I live in Mexico City and I cant wait to leave this horrible disgusting city forever.

    • Jeremy

      Then go. And then you can complain about the next place to anyone who will listen.

  24. Ralph

    I agree with Alex.

    As a Canadian living in Mexico City, I agree it is a sh-t-hole, a horrible, overrated metropolis which stinks like dog excement.

    The traffic is a monstrocity, the roads are FULL of potholes and might be the worst streets in the entire world.

    The food is disgusting, the high-end restaurants are crap, the culture is boring, the media is patheti, the politics are sleazy, the people are ugly-as-hell…

    Every single day there are 10 or 20 protests blocking traffic and making life miserable flr everyone, the police and government are inept, the service eerywhere is terrible, the people are ignorant and proud to be ignorant, the architecture is UGLY, UGLY, UGLY, UGLY…..

    Did I mention the entire city smells like a diarrhea-filled sewer???

    The “fashionable” neighborhoods like Polanco, Santa Fe, Roma, Condesa… are pathetic.

    You compare Mexico DF with NYC, Paris, Madrid??? Then you are either stupid, blind, or ignorant. You have NO IDEA what you are talking about.

    I live here against my will, because of a very good work gig… but I can’t wait to leave this pathetic, disgusting, failed cesspool… and leave for good, never to come back.

    Yes, by all means… Come to Mexico City… if your standards are sh-t!!!

    • John

      First of all… You’re Canadian, so the joke tells itself.

      • Kpnd jeff

        Yeah, you dumb twat… Implying that Toronto or Montréal aren’t fucking cesspools. What’s your idea of a “fashionable” district? West of Spadina or Queen? Ha fucking ha.

        Go ahead and display your misery somewhere else. People come here for objective reviews, not to learn about frustrated morons like you.

    • Rafael

      Well I am a born and raised mexican city guy. I lived in Canada for 1 year and all I can say is that everybody´s a stoner. the chicks are ugly as hell, so fuc*ing white u can see right through them.

      Not to mention is the most boring place I have ever been. The weather is sh*t too and is one of the most racist countries in the world (racist=ignorant=and proud of it) so ignorant in fact, they even had the nerve to ask me if we have computers in Mexico (?!) imagine how stupid they are.

  25. Regina M

    Es impresionante como los mexicanos nos jodemos solitos. Un extranjero publica un gran articulo sobre una de las ciudades con más diversidad cultural del mundo y sus locales se encargan de negarlo todo. En vez de apoyarnos y buscar el crecimiento de nuestro pais nos dedicamos a ver el lado negativo de todo. Talvez no son lo suficientemente cultos y leidos para darse cuenta de lo grande que es la Ciudad de Mexico y absolutamente todo lo que dice el articulo es verdad. Obviamente tiene problemas y es una ciudad caótica pero ninguno de ustedes esta haciendo algo por mejorar la situación y tristemente por gente como ustedes no se ha logrado un cambio. Porfavor vallanse a Ny,Paris, Milán, Madrid, londres y Berlín (ciudades que se nota conocen a profundidad) para que jodan allá y nos dejen salir adelante aqui.

  26. DML

    Ralph, if your life is the living horrible hell that you make it out to be then GTF out of there. No job is worth living somewhere where you are totally miserable…unless of course you are a miserable person. Which you sound like you are. You probably would say the same about any large city you lived in.

  27. robert

    Traveled all over the world and still find DF as one of my favorite ! Great food , very cosmopolitan , home of the incredible Carlos Slim museum, and great Bull Fights at the Plaza Del Toro.

  28. BarbaraC

    I just spotted this post on a friend’s facebook wall and I immediately liked & shared it on my own. I’ve tried planning a trip to “el DF” for years now, but it just hasn’t happened. I’ve waited long enough, and I think I should make it happen next year!

  29. Patricia Ríos

    México que hermoso País por donde quiera que se vea su comida, sus vestidos, su folclor ,sus playas, montañas, colorido, tradiciones, artesanías,simplemente lo tiene todo,y como es muy grande tiene problemas, que País no los tiene? Ahorita no es de color de rosa, pero lo será de nuevo,la gente es maravillosa! La sonrisa y el humor que tiene el Mexicano, no lo tiene nadie en el mundo! Yo estoy orgullosa de ser Mexicana,y saben? Ahora lo comprobé ,cuando estaba en un tren turístico e iban unos Indues que el guía no les saco una sonrisa ,mientras los Mexicanos moríamos de risa! México,te quiero!

  30. Lorena Sama

    ¡Totalmente de acuerdo! ¡¡¡¡Viva la Ciudad de México!!!!

  31. Regina (born and raised)

    EXCELENTE!!!! La mejor ciudad!!!

  32. Alice

    Hi everybody!

    I’m an American single professional who got sent down here from work. I feel so lucky to be a part of everything this article mentioned. I LOVE Mexico City and get compliments from the locals on how much I enjoy it to the fullest…. but its so….EASY. Its so easy to find extraordinary food, community, art, culture.

    Green juice for two dollars on the street with fresh fruit? Falling art nouveau architecture being turned into tech co-working spaces?

    Of course there are slums! I am so happy and grateful to be priveledged and not have to live in an ugly part. But I can walk and bike for hours and still be amazed at the tropical foliage and public art and cafe culture. I’m not in a bubble, and I am proud aa hell of this city.

    My big big ask is that Mexicans show it off :) Open good clean creative & innovative businesses and shout to the world at the top of your lungs, please! That’s what this country needs …. A little – or a lot – of faith in its own excellence.

  33. adrian

    I went to Mexico City in 2011 with my parents and we were BLOWN away. So much culture, everywhere! The food scene is just extraordinary, Mexicans know how to eat very well. The architecture in CH is incredibly impressive and diverse, the buildings down in Roma were also very charming, love that neighborhood.

    Its impossible to get bored here, there is just a ton of things to discover about Mexico City and the valley of Mexico, which by the way is home to a millennial culture, Teotihuacan, I’m referring to you!

    Mexicans are the most polite and friendly people I’ve ever encountered. Seriously New Yorkers and Angelenos don’t have manners compared to capitalinos. Well, the only time Chilangos manifest impoliteness is underground or behind the wheel, watch out !

    Other than that, I can say that I have fallen in love with Mexico City, so much so that me and my best friend have just booked flights for DF this upcoming January !! Cant wait to be back and explore this epic city!

    I’m from Los Angeles, an American of Mexican parents, have traveled to many places in Mexico and its capital has established my love for this misunderstood country.

    Mexico, nos vemos muy pronto..

  34. Tim Leffel

    Thanks to all of you for the feedback. Including the idiots and the bigots, for without them who would we make fun of?

  35. Julie

    I took my museum-loving mother to DF last year and she hasn’t stopped raving about it since. Totally not what she expected, but all her nervousness went away the second day, except when we were in a taxi. The drivers there are nuts! Amazingly though, didn’t see any accidents.

  36. Capitan

    Food is amazing,

  37. Jenny

    LOVE this post! I’ve been there three times and can’t believe how few other tourists have. Maybe I should be glad about that as it’s never overrun in the museums, but it seems crazy compared to the throngs of people crossing an ocean to go to Europe. At triple the price.

  38. Jay

    I’m a gringo Texan, so growing up around a latino culture was not that foreign to me. I had been to many Mexican resort towns growing up (Cancun, PV, Cabo, Merida), I first went to DF 3 years ago and now go back at least once a year. I absolutely love this city. It is fascinating and less than a 2 hour flight from my home in Houston. I do speak spanish fairly well, but even if you don’t, go check this place out. It’s like a piece of Europe and the Americas combined. The architecture, the museos, markets, the parks, etc are awesome. I’m headed there again in 2 weeks, running a local race on the Reforma, my second year to do that (hello altitude change!). I’m DF biggest advocate and try to change US perceptions of it. Enjoy DF, it’s worth a visit!

  39. Eduardo (Born and raise in Mexico city)

    Thanks to everybody that loves my city, you are more than welcome and a couple of tips.

    Taxis: use UBER or CABIFY quite cheap and works with foreings accounts really safe and popular around here.

    Free bikes : On Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Reforma and a couple of more streets they are free bikes located in couple of quioskos (different than ecobici), dont be afraid to ask.

    Food: For fancy stuff Pujol (owner of cosme in NYC) top ten in the 50 best restaurants in the world. Street food delicios but you can get sick and is complete normal (Moctezuma revenge) dont drink tap water only bottle water.

    Disco nights: Condesa is a cool but hipster place, chick are Sens ( ) and Joy room close to Soumaya Museum ( )

    Crime : Almost nonexistent however take the same precautions you take in your home town and have common sense.

    Turibus: If is your first time take all the tours avalable so you can get a sense of the city.

    Driving: Drive on a defensive mode, if you havent drive outside US or Canada dont drive get a Cab.

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