Regional E-books for The World’s Cheapest Destinations

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Are you going on a long trip that’s just to Central and South America?

Traveling to Asia only for a few months?

Want to know details just on the cheapest places to travel in Europe?

No, you’re not seeing triple at the top. In a couple days you’ll see shorter e-book versions on Amazon excerpted from the full edition of The World’s Cheapest Destinations, priced at $3.98 (or the in other currencies). So if you were hesitating on buying the full book because you weren’t taking some epic round-the-world journey, you can lay out less than a spruced-up Starbucks drink in a paper cup and get the scoop on where your money will stretch the most.

Sure, the Asia and Americas ones are longer than the Europe one, but I like to keep things simple, so they’re all under four bucks. But in the places featured in all of these, four bucks will really get you something—far more than a cup of coffee.

Amazon took less than a day to get these posted, so here are the links (also in the book covers above):

Americas edition

Europe Edition

Asia Edition

This a Kindle-only release, but you can use the Kindle app to read them on your iPad, phone (Apple or Android), and many other devices.

Oh, and here’s what some other people have to say about what’s in the full edition:

“Want to know where it’s cheap to travel and how do it for less than $100 a day? Then The World’s Cheapest Destinations is the book for you! Tim Leffel makes me want to pack up my bags because in most of these places it’s cheaper than staying home.”
– Johnny Jet DiScala, editor of

“There are two ways to travel overseas: You can visit overpriced countries, or you can go to equally exciting destinations on the cheap. Tim Leffel is a master storyteller who graciously informs us on how to maximize our travel experience the inexpensive way. This latest edition updates the best locations worldwide where you can stretch your travel budget to the fullest!”
– Brad Olsen, author of World Stompers and Future Esoteric

“In Tim’s 4th edition of The World’s Cheapest Destinations, he scoured the world again to help travelers make the most of their travel dollars. Even though I’ve been studying travel writing and guides for 15+ years, I always learn something new with each edition of Tim’s book.
– Sean Keener, CEO of

“Tim Leffel has long been a guru of balancing the practicalities of cheap travel with a keen sense of judgment about the aesthetic value offered by varied countries around the world. In this newly researched and expanded edition, Tim’s easy conversational style turns the book into a page-turner, leaving you hungry to set off on the many paths he opens up to the traveler’s imagination.”
– Gregory Hubbs, editor-in-chief,

“As dollars get ever tighter, this book becomes all the more precious. But what’s most brilliant about it is that Leffel really doesn’t just think ‘cheap’-he thinks ‘smart.’ As valuable a travel book as you’ll find today, in ways too numerous to even count, no matter what your budget.”
– Chris Epting, author of Led Zeppelin Crashed Here and Marilyn Monroe Dyed Here

“Tim manages to use his considerable knowledge of travel to put to rest the myth that travel has to be expensive by highlighting 21 destinations in the world where your money goes far. His tips and suggestions will prove invaluable for someone who desires to travel but has a limited budget.”
– Nomadic Matthew Kepnes, author of How to Travel the World on $50 Per Day

“Take it from a travel editor who has spent many years reading about destinations and talking to writers who have traveled everywhere. This book is full of great advice and steers you with practical and useful tips to the cheapest places on earth. So many travel books are full of generalizations; this one stands out for specific tips, specific places, and the kinds of details that can help you make a vacation even if you’re close to broke.”
– Max Hartshorne, editor of

  1. Jeremy

    Sounds like a cool idea! I bet there are a lot of people who are not doing a full RTW trip and they don’t need the whole world mapped out. It’ll be interesting to see if the difference in price makes a difference, cause it’s not like $9 is a lot for the whole thing.

  2. rashed

    Nice book. I’ve read the book. I’ve the same opinion with Jeremy. It’ll be interesting to see if the difference in price makes a difference. Anyways thanks for the article.

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