Buy a Beach House for Cheap in Mexico

Chuburna house for sale

* Sorry, but you waited too long to snag this deal. This cheap Mexican beach house is SOLD! I’ll leave the post up for pricing reference though and a link to the real estate agent who sold it. They have more…

Can you round up $64.500 in ready or borrowed cash? If so you can be the owner of a furnished beach house in Mexico and can cut your monthly living expenses in half. Or just have a cheap place to be a snowbird or go on vacation.

We own this place free and clear, so it’s not like there’s a mortgage gnawing at us, but we bought another house in Guanajuato, in the central highlands. We’re moving into that one come August for two years. We’d like to have the cash from house 1 to get debt free and flush so we’ve got plenty to put into beautifying house 2.

As you may have heard on the news, the housing market in the U.S. is in recovery mode now, to the point where there are bidding wars again in some cities because of a lack of inventory. While some savvy investors no doubt bought houses for $67,500 or even less the past few years because of bank foreclosures, they weren’t getting property one house back from a beach and those homes weren’t usually nice enough to be move-in ready. This one is both.

cheap beach house MexicoYou can follow the link at the bottom for more details, but this is a well-maintained 2BR, 1 bath house with a nice covered outside terrace and plenty of room to build up or put in a pool. It’s a 30-second walk to the water and three blocks to the town square. There are already local caretakers in place we’ve worked with for years. It comes with beds that sleep four and all the other furniture there now, plus a fridge, dishes, and a bottle of 100% agave tequila we’ll supply upon closing.

This beach house is 40 minutes from the international airport in Merida, a city of a million, or less than four hours by rental car from Cancun.

If you’re wondering about home prices in Mexico in other non-tourist places, we paid a shade less than $90,000 for the Guanajuato house. It has four bedrooms, two baths, with a big sun room on the top floor that has terrific views. But right now it’s got a kitchen that we hate and no furniture…

So buy this bargain Yucatan beach house for $68,500 bringing just a toothbrush and a bathing suit. Then come stay with us later in the revamped city one. Go directly to Mexico International in the Yucatan for more pics and details on homes for sale in the area.


  1. Edward B

    What does it run you per year for taxes, utilities, and other costs related to the upkeep?

    • Tim Leffel

      The big expense is the land trust you pay to the bank annually for the right to have a house anywhere near the water in Mexico. That’s about $650 per year. Taxes are about $60 per year, utilities about $40 a month when it’s in full use. We pay the caretakers a set amount per month I’ll discuss with any potential buyer, but it’s quite reasonable.

  2. Owen

    I see you mention being able to rent it out. What do you charge tenants monthly and how many months of the year have you generally rented it out for? Thank you very much!

    • Tim Leffel

      Varies a lot from year to year and we let friends stay as much as we rent it to strangers. But we probably average 8-10 weeks of paid rentals per year. It was never meant to be an income producer. It’s a sleepy fishing village that only gets a smattering of foreigners. That’s why prices are so low compared to the Caribbean coast, where you’ll pay at least 3X as much to be this close to the water.

  3. Rob


    WHere exactly is the property located at? Would you entertain a rent to own situation and if so, what would you anticipate the rent to be?

    Lastly, you list two different prices on here, one for $64,500 and another for $68,500, which one is the correct price?


    • Tim Leffel

      It’s $64,500 now Rob. We can’t do a rent to own situation though because we want to get the complete equity out of it to invest in another home we have.

  4. Rodney Baker

    This is what I am looking for: 2 bedroom 2 bath home that sits on 2 to 4 acre. I also want this to be located on the ocean. I want to be able to walk out my back door and be on my own private sandy beach. I am willing to look at a fixer up. I have about 200k to spend. Thanks Rodney Baker 602-725-7411.

    • Tim Leffel

      My home was sold, but there are many others in your price range in that area, though there’s no such thing as a “private beach” in Mexico. They’re all public by law.

  5. James Hemond

    What’s the deal with land trust? If you denounce your citizenship in the U.S. and apply for citizenship in Mexico, does that change things?

    • Tim Leffel

      Apart from the yearly fee, there’s no real downside to it. Owned a house on the beach, sold it, new owners have 99 years. None of us live that long anyway. I would assume if you got citizenship that would change things, but it’s a very difficult path to get to that. This law would probably be gone by the time you finally get it.

  6. Troy May


    My wife and I are looking to spend anywhere from $50,000 – 65,000 somewhere in Mexico. Do you have any suggestions/ info for us two?

    • Tim Leffel

      That leaves you out of the gringo hangouts, so look for places like the one in this article for real prices. What the Mexican market will bear is much lower than what the foreign retiree market will bear. And pick up this book of course:

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