With BootsnAll’s Indie, Search Round-the-World Flight Prices Without a Phone Call

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Have you ever tried to price out and buy a series of flights to take you around the world? If you have, you probably don’t want to repeat the experience. Despite the expectation (fair or not) that we should be able to buy or book anything online without having to talk to someone, pricing out a round-the-world flight package has not changed much since I first bought one in 1993.

Indie, a new services from BootsnAll, has unveiled a leap into the present: a way to book multi-stop tickets around the world from a web interface.

I’ve known Sean Keener at BootsnAll for many years and used the site long before that. It’s been running since 1996. we teamed up (with a lot of other great travel sites) to give away a trip around the world a couple years ago, sending one lucky winner and her dad on the trip of a lifetime, geared up and exploring the planet. See who participated here. I’ve always admired Sean’s drive and bulldog intensity and when he decided to make it possible to price out and reserve a trip around the world online, I knew eventually he’d figure out a way to get it done.

Now it is done, so if a circle-the-globe flight package is in your future, go to the Indie site to check out your options. Unlike many of the trips like this you can book, theirs are refreshingly free from restrictions. You can reverse direction, put in 20 stops if you want, and travel for more than a year. There are some rules you can’t escape—like having to plan out all your departure dates in advance—but otherwise this presents a blank slate.

As I’ve discussed before on this blog, you may not need something so comprehensive, but for those who want to have the biggest expense—airfare—paid and done in advance, this Indie tool is a nice option for figuring out what it’s going to cost you. Here’s a video with more info.

If nothing else, this tool will give you a sense of whether your itinerary is batshit crazy for the amount of money you have saved or whether it’s easily doable. You can try different options and see whether trying to hit six continents in 12 months is really a smart thing to do, or whether you should prioritize. Have fun!

  1. Jim Bo

    Doesn’t work. It’s actually worse than the existing RTW sites. At least they give you a clue as to why it can’t come up with an itinierary. The Indie site just shrugs its shoulders (literally) and says you have to talk to us over the phone.

    • Tim Leffel

      I didn’t find that to be true in my tests Jim, but if your itinerary is really complicated, you should probably be talking to someone on the phone anyway. Or filling in the short legs on site if they’re served by budget carriers that don’t feed into international reservation systems.

    • Sean

      G’Day Jim Bo – sorry to be so late on this reply.

      If you send me your email address or route – I’d love to what Indie came up with. What was the route.

      Indie has been out for 7 months now. 97% of searches come back with a price. 3% come back with Flight not found – almost always because folks are searching too far into the future (Airlines only release schedules about 11 months in advance)

      Anyway – we’d love for you or anyone to give us a try as we are releasing fixes, improvement frequently:

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