Out Now – 4th Edition of The World’s Cheapest Destinations!

You may have noticed the photo of my book, The World’s Cheapest Destinations, got switched out a while back in that picture to your right. It was a bit of a tease since the new version has been trickling out to different online retailers at different times, but now it’s out almost everywhere. This popular guide to the cheapest places to travel in the world is now in its 4th edition.

Cheapest places to travel in the worldPrices fluctuate but don’t fundamentally change all that much in a span of three or four years unless there’s really high inflation (as in current Argentina), so if you have the 3rd edition it is still a good guide to how countries compare in terms of costs. If you have the 1st edition though, you might want to just put it in the recycling bin—I released that one a decade ago!

As I mentioned in this recent post on what has changed in the cheapest places to travel, I have made a few country changes. Turkey and Argentina are still great values for mid-range travelers, but are not the good deal they used to be for backpackers. To take their place, Cambodia’s infrastructure improvements enabled it to move from “honorable mention” to its own full-blown chapter and Slovakia replaces Turkey in Europe.

That means Asia gained a country and Latin America lost one, which wasn’t my intention, but unless people suddenly start finding a reason to visit Paraguay or Chavez gets replaced by a reform-minded president in Venezuela, I think the status is not going to change there. Apart from Chile and Brazil, the mainland Americas south of the U.S. are a great value, but Asia just has more bargain-basement destinations than anywhere else.

Get Your Copy!

So where can you get this book? It’s not yet online at Fishpond for Australia and New Zealand, but it should appear there in a week or two. Meanwhile, get it almost everywhere else online:

Direct from the publisher – paperback ($15,95 plus shipping) or PDF ($8.99, no shipping)

Kindle version from Amazon, Nook version from Barnes & Noble, Apple version from iBookstore  – all around $8.99.

Paperback from Barnes & Noble, paperback from Amazon.

Early Reviews

Want to know what a few other bloggers, editors, and book authors have to say? Here’s a random sampling of a few advance reviews.

“This is the book that anyone planning a vacation should read because it’s exactly what travelers who circle the globe all year long already know: it can be really cheap to travel, you just have to know where.”
– Christine Gilbert, editor of almostfearless.com

“As dollars get ever tighter, this book becomes all the more precious. But what’s most brilliant about it is that Leffel really doesn’t just think “cheap” – he thinks “smart.” As valuable a travel book as you’ll find today, in ways too numerous to even count, no matter what your budget.”
– Chris Epting, author of Led Zeppelin Crashed Here and Marilyn Monroe Dyed Here

“It’s no fluke that the world’s cheapest destinations are often also the most amazing to visit. This valuable guide inadvertently attests that money can’t buy happiness by recommending countries where the locals smile without it.”
– Bruce Northam, author of The Directions to Happiness: A 125-Country Quest for Life Lessons

“Warning: this book is hazardous to your ability to stay in one place. With your copy of The World’s Cheapest Destinations in hand, you can see the world while leaving your savings account untouched.”
Chris Guillebeau, author of The $100 Startup

Buy this before you buy a plane ticket–it’s the best first investment for a budget traveler. Leffel provides real numbers and practical money-saving tips, and he wisely weighs the appeal of a country as well. As a result, The World’s Cheapest Destinations are places you really want to go.
Zora O’Neill, author of The Rough Guide to Cancun & The Yucatan and Moon New Mexico

The World’s Cheapest Destinations is an entertaining read sharing the secrets that long-term travelers and backpackers have known for years. No room for excuses now, this book you’ll give the tools and information you need to travel the world in comfort on a budget. It’s an excellent resource for planning and researching your next vacation destination or around-the-world trip and is something that we’ll be using regularly for reference whenever we do our own travel planning.
– Deb and Dave, editors of ThePlanetD.com

“Tim Leffel has long been a guru of balancing the practicalities of cheap travel with a keen sense of judgement about the aesthetic value offered by varied countries around the world. In this newly researched and expanded edition, Tim’s easy conversational style turns the book into a page-turner, leaving you hungry to set off on the many paths he opens up to the traveler’s imagination.”
– Gregory Hubbs, editor-in-chief, TransitionsAbroad.com

“Tim is writing from the voice of a ‘Real Traveler,’ a person that has actually traveled the world for three years and lived in other countries for extended periods. This allows him to have the insight into what is the essential information needed.” – Andy Graham 15 years of Perpetual Travel and 90 countries – HoboTraveler.com

  1. Travel Bug

    Congrats! I got the kindle version on amazon and liked it. Would it be ok if I reviewed it on my blog?

    • Tim Leffel

      Uh, is that a real question or just a blog plug? Why would any author ever object?

      • Travel Bug

        Real question. I’m new at this.

      • Terd Ferguson

        uh…why do you have to be a dick in your comment responses

  2. Asa

    Awesome! I just downloaded it to my Kindle and started reading it. I used the third edition to plan the rough itinerary for our around the world trip in 2010. Now, I’m somewhat of an armchair world traveler, but I love staying up to date on the world of cheap travel. Plus, I’m a big fan of your straightforward style and I see there’s a little bit on travel with kids, which I’m now interested in.

    • Tim Leffel

      Thanks Asa—a repeat customer even! A bit on kids, plus my three weeks in SE Asia this past summer were with my daughter along. She’s been with me to Guatemala too and we lived in Mexico.

      In a week or two though I’m putting up reviews of two “traveling with kids” books I’ve gotten recently, so watch for that.

  3. Will Travel one day

    I might actually be getting married soon and so need a great yet not very expensive place to go for our honeymoon. Right now I work for a RV dealership so i don’t make a ton of money, but it’s not bad for just getting out of college. It’s sort of sad, because I work for Florida Outdoors RV and have never gone RVing. But I guess that’s how it always work.

  4. js

    I have a strong feeling that this book will be a hit for travelers and new enthusiast alike. Especially with more people getting to “smart budget traveling trend” nowadays.

  5. Andreas Moser

    Cheap destinations were an important factor when it came to picking the countries that I have moved to: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/how-do-you-finance-your-travels/

  6. Bob Weisenberg

    Look forward to reading this.

  7. Mellisa Turner

    I am sure the book will be a bestseller. Most travelers are writers who love to read while travelling and no type of books can replace this one. It will be of great inspiration to travel bloggers and travelers. Congratulations!

  8. Jerome

    I’m planning a trip around the world leaving early next year and picked this up to help figure out where our money would last the longest. A huge help! By tweaking the countries here and there (especially in Europe) I think we’ll be able to go a few months longer than we had planned.

  9. Minkner

    Maybe you should include Palma de Mallorca, too because it is not an expensive destination.

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    I am a great reader and i always carry books with me to gain more knowledge. The book worlds cheapest destination seems to be very useful and informative to me as i can easily choose my desired destination. Thanks for the post. Keep sharing.

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