Public Art in the Azores, Fabric vs. Dust in the Sahara, and Eating Creepy Creatures in China

Tuareg Sahara

It’s a new year and time for a new issue of Perceptive Travel, with offbeat stories from book authors moving through the Azores Islands of Portugal, the Sahara Desert of Algeria, and rural China.

If you’re just joining us, I launched Perceptive Travel webzine in 2006 and the blog soon after. It’s won a slew of “best travel writing” awards and gotten stories into travel writing anthologies. Each month the webzine publishes interesting narratives from wandering authors as well as reviews of new travel books and world music albums.

This month Judith Fein returns with a story about Public Art in the Azores—the islands way off the coast of Portugal. Guidebook author Jessica Lee goes exploring the desert of Southern Algeria with the Tuareg people and discovers why a simple piece of cloth is ideal Desert Wear in the Sahara. James Dorsey and his companion deliver some medical supplies in rural China and during the thank-you banquet he finds the rumors are true: they’ll eat just about any Creepy Crawlies in China.

Also, William Caverlee checks out some interesting new travel books and Graham Reid runs down some world music from four continents.

Last month one reader got a Christmas surprise when he won a Magellan GPS unit. This month we’re giving away a Granite Creek travel pants and shirt combo from Mountain Khakis. You can only win if you enter and you can only enter if you’re on the e-mail newsletter list or you follow Perceptive Travel on Facebook. Do it now!

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