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With close to 1,200 posts on this cheap travel blog, you’ve probably missed a few things you’d be interested in.

I’m currently biking and hiking around the Atacama Desert of Chile and will have all kinds of info and photography to share from there later. This is not a cheap place to travel by any means though (I’m here doing writing work for other pubs), so here’s a quick rundown on what visitors to this blog have been reading the most.

1) The cheapest places to live in the world – 2012 edition

2) Quit your job, see the world

3)  6 places to live for super cheap

4) Updates on the cheapest places to travel

5) I want to move abroad. Where do I start?

6) Travel prices in Cambodia

7) Gadgets and gear I always pack

8) How to get around Spirit Air’s baggage extortion

  1. Sandy

    Extensive travel leads to living abroad. The more you travel the more you find places that it is hard to leave, and eventually, you return. With the down turn in the American economy and retirement incomes dropping, more budget minded travelers are opting for living aboard. However, there is one thing that I have noticed. Airfare appears to be much higher to main International gateways, then from within the United States. But the bus travel and train travel is much cheaper from one point to another within the third world countries, I guess it balances out.

  2. Mebin

    Balancing the travel cost while becoming a family is a little harder for me. But apart from budget, the wish to travel is pulling my legs.

  3. m scott

    How accurate are the facts here when written, compared to present (july 2014)?


    m scott

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