“The Number of Cars is Growing 10 Times Faster Than the Roads They Roll On”

That’s a quote about traffic in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, in this Economist article about the Indonesian government trying to slow down the pace.


Flickr Creative Commons by Shanghai Daddy

Indonesia’s economy is booming and it’s hitting the whole income spectrum. Of the 250 million people in this country, 150 million should be firmly in the middle class the year after next. Middle class is defined here as earning at least $3,000 per year, but still, people are earning enough to make a car payment. As you’ve seen all over the place if you travel much, having a car is as much a status symbol as a way to get to work. When you own a car, you’ve arrived.

The problem comes when, as that title quote says, the roads are not there to support all these new vehicles. Until this problem is solved, which will take decades and a strong will to invest in more roads and public transit infrastructure, you should probably give Jakarta a pass and head out as soon as possible if you have to fly into here.

  1. Jeff @ planetbell

    That is a fascinating statistic and if makes me never want to driver or ride a taxi there. Do you know if they have a subway? If so, I will be riding that.

  2. Wendy

    I’d love to get back to Indonesia (only sailed through before) but will now know to avoid Jakarta.

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