Funny Photos From Bangkok

It’s time to take a break from serious travel advice again and just have a laugh, this time from Thailand. Sure, I take lots of scenic photos when I travel, but I revel in the silliness even more sometimes.

First up, there are a lot of things you’re not supposed to do in a Bangkok taxi cab. Some of them may make plenty of sense to foreigners, some may produce a scratching of the head.

That spiky thing, if you haven’t been to this part of the world, is a very smelly fruit called a durian.  The throwing up guy is kind of funny though because really, has anyone ever thrown up in a cab on purpose?

Thai travel

This other one is a bit stranger. No mooning is funny in itself, but a dog with sunglasses? Does that mean no blind dogs that need another seeing eye dog? And is that last one just a cigarette…or some kind of drug inhalation device?

Next up, no, I did not take a photo of meditating monks all gathered together. These are creepy lifelike statues of (apparently) well-known Thai monks you can buy as souvenirs and put on your shelf.

Thai travel

It’s been a rough few weeks in the usual powder kegs of the world as an obscure amateur video that poked fun at a certain religion’s founder sparked riots among the faithful. We should all give thanks that the Buddhists are so much more level-headed.

Thailand Buddhi

I traveled through Southeast Asia with a pair of Pickpocket Proof Pants from Clothing Arts. I knew I’d be navigating crowded markets, walking dark streets at night, and visiting sites frequented by clueless tourists. Bangkok tourSo I figured there would be more than a few pickpockets about looking for an easy target. Still, I was perplexed by this sign I encountered several times at the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

So…all the pickpockets that might be milling about are foreigners, not locals? How did they all get in there? Did they pay the hefty $13 admission fee like the rest of us, expecting to turn a big enough profit to make up for it? They must be very successful if so…

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