Black Voodoo in Benin, Bipolar Mariachi, and the Great Wall of Vietnam

black voodoo

With an oddball assortment like that, you know it’s time for another issue of Perceptive Travel webzine. The September issue hits three continents and throws in reviews of new travel books and world music releases too.

James M. Dorsey returns with a strange tale of a strange religion. When you attend a black voodoo session in Benin, watch out for the Egun. See more here: Dancing with the Dead in Benin.

In The Threat of the Mariachi, regular contributor Luke Armstrong finds his home for years, Guatemala, can indeed be “the land of possibilities.” If you’re the money ower instead of the owee that is.

Was there once something like a Great Wall in Vietnam? Ben Keene sets off to find out. See Stories in Stone: Walking Vietnam’s Long Wall.

Bill Caverlee checks out three new travel books getting a lot of attention: Europe on 5 Wrong Turns a Day, Visit Sunny Chernobyl, and The New Granta Book of Travel.

And of course we toss in some good travel music from around the world. Graham Reid spins some Malawi roadside gospel, some mash-up flamenco music, and Sierra Leone psychedelia by way of Brooklyn.

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  1. Kelly

    How do you get hold of a copy of the webzine I couldn’t find anywhere on the site, or am I missing something?
    Thank you

    • tim

      A webzine is on the web. Not printed. Though you can print any article out by clicking the button near the top if you wish.

  2. Alvin

    It is the first time that I have heard Great Wall of Vietnam.

  3. Steve

    Yeah, I also didn’t know that there is such great wall of Vietnam… and is black voodoo session in Benin a tradition of their place?

    • tim

      Yes Steve. Read the story and you’ll see…

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