T-shirts That Don’t Translate

This cheap travel blog has been packed with informative posts and photos to make you drool lately, so time for a bit of fun instead. It always gives me great joy to find the English language used as a mere design element rather than to communicate. In most countries it is very difficult to find a t-shirt in the local language. Almost everyone, it seems, thinks it’s better to have a message in English, even if they can’t understand what it says.

Sometimes it’s clear nobody knows what it says, or they wouldn’t be wearing it around. Like this one at the top I found in a storefront in Sofia, Bulgaria. I walked for miles in that city looking for something in the mysterious Cryllic alphabet, but the only thing I could find was ugly tourist shirts just spelling out Bulgaria or with the original alphabet scrawled out by the founder. Neither something any local would wear. Instead you get boob references.

The second one is much like a few I have bought over the years in Korea, Thailand, and Peru. Complete gibberish meant to look like a cool message. Really though, just a bunch of random phrases slapped together. If you can’t read the second one, here’s what it says:

Old Fashioned Root Beer Floats
Catfish Power
NewYork City
Sports Wear

  1. DML


  2. Linda

    Oh, if only they had put the R in there! Then we could ask, “which one?”

  3. Nicholas Marks

    This is so true. It’s even funnier when you buy dvd’s overseas and find actually read the translation down the bottom and it’s so incredibly wrong.

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