Opening Burma, the Maasai Warrior Scholar, and Locked Down in Waikiki

Travel can be unpredictable. Sometimes that’s half the fun, sometimes it can mean big problems. This month’s issue looks at perceptions and impermanence in three destinations.

Michael Buckley is back with a timely story on a travel destination that may finally be getting its act together to stop being a pariah state: Myanmar. See Slipping Through Gates and Doors in Burma.

Tom Koppel returns with a tale of picking a bad week to visit Hawaii: when some of the world’s most powerful politicians came to the island where he was staying. See Locked Down in Waikiki.

James Dorsey, a former director of the Adventurers Club, met a Maasai warrior in the U.S., where he was getting a doctorate degree. The author then went to visit his new friend in the bush. See The Warrior Scholar from Kenya.

William Caverlee returns to highlight two new and noteworthy travel books, from the practical to the eye candy. I take on the world music reviews this month, including Rodrigo y Gabriela’s latest and an especially solid reggae album.

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