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I’m proud to join in the Passports with Purpose effort for a third year. If you’re not familiar with this campaign already, you can go read about it here. The short version is that 100+ bloggers talk up this event, get sponsors to participate with prizes, and send 100% of the money raised to a project that will make a huge impact somewhere.

Two years ago we built a school in Cambodia and staffed it with almost $30,000 from generous readers. The school, built through our partnership with American Assistance for Cambodia is now complete. In 2011 we doubled that and raised $64,128, enough to build an entire village in India. Construction is now underway.

This year we’re banding together to build two libraries in Zambia, Africa through Room to Read. By helping the cause, you can truly change children’s lives and give them a shot at a brighter future.

The best part is, you don’t have to just kick in money out of the goodness of your heart. You’re welcome to, but this is set up as a raffle system where each donation of $10 and above gets you in the running for a prize you choose. Donate more among various prizes and you’ll have more chances. (I’ve personally won something three times. Last year it was a $200 car service ride from Groundlink. Sweet!)

You could get this bag for a $10 donation

I’m proud to say my sponsor is a company near and dear to travelers trying to keep their valuables away from thieves: Pacsafe. This company makes a lot of cool bags and gadgets that put multiple hurdles in front of people trying to get their fingers on your goods. For Passports with Purpose, Pacsafe is giving away one of their cool VentureSafe 200 daypacks. This is an anti-theft day bag that features slash-proof mesh built in, locking buckles, and lots of small features that will frustrate bad guys looking for an easy score. (There’s a video demo at that link.)

Add up all the value of all the electronics you’re carrying around when sightseeing and you’ll probably see why you could use this. It holds 20 liters worth of stuff and will give you years of hard-core use. Their products come with a two-year warranty and I’ve got items that still work like new after five years of travel.

Follow this link to make a donation, either choosing this Pacsafe bag or going for one of the many other great prizes: gear, hotels, gadgets, and more. This one’s open to anyone on the globe as the sponsor has agreed to ship internationally to the winner.

Thanks in advance for your generosity!

  1. Deanna

    Hi I am trying to start a youth project for underprivileged people and people with cancer I just need help getting started I want to make a difference in someones life because by donating unwanted clothes and stuff can help a child in need by doing one small impact can make a chain reaction to saving many people lifes and I just wanted to know if yall can help me get started.

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