Tranquilandia, Outback Pubs, and a Hang Gliding Leap of Faith

It’s a new month and time for a new issue of Perceptive Travel, home to the best travel stories from book authors on the move.

No one will ever accuse us of pandering to the masses by featuring stories about the world’s most popular destinations. Sure, getting to Chattanooga is not all that hard, but how about parts of Colombia where the FARC used to rein and the northernmost point of dirt-road Australia?

Lisa TE Sonne makes her debut recalling the voices inside her head fighting over whether she should take to the air and go hang gliding off Lookout Mountain in Tennessee. Richard McColl, author of a guidebook on Colombia, takes a true adventure journey through an area that was not too long ago known more for coke production and where rebels held kidnap victims—not tourism. Graham Reid often reviews world music for Perceptive Travel, but this time he’s bumping along remote parts of the Outback in North Queensland, Australia, where you can still manage to find a pub.

Susan Griffith returns to cover three travel books, which range widely in subject and quality, then Laurence Mitchell is back with world music reviews—including one with the great title Rock the Tabla.

We always give away something cool to one of our newsletter subscribers and Facebook followers who enter the monthly giveaway. Last month Stacey W. of Arizona won a great laptop tote from Overland Equipment. September’s prize is a $200 value WS4 Carabiner Watch from Timex. It will tell you where you’re going, how high you are, and what the weather is like. Oh, and what time it is.

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