This is SO Wrong

Usually I see annoying travel-related ads and I just grumble. But I’ve decided to share them as a regular series so we can talk about how badly they suck. I’m going to start with this new one from the latest issue of Wired magazine. It’s probably running lots of other places too.

I get the point they’re trying to make—that AT&T has the best international coverage. That’s something worth touting.

But if you’re going to England just to keep chattering with everyone from home on Facebook, then…why go to England? ¬†Wouldn’t it be better to talk to new people instead—ones in the location where you are standing and walking?

This is so wrong. It’s not a vacation if you’re still tethered to home.

Hey AT&T, Can we go back to the cool painted hands ads instead?

  1. DML

    I remember once being in the Bahamas (quick getaway w/ the hubby, cheap flights available so we took it). Anyway, we walked around the downtown area before the 3 or 4 massive cruise ships docked and belched out THOUSANDS of tourists. There were so many of them sitting on the sidewalk with their laptops (this was pre blackberry/smartphone days) getting in touch with everyone from home. It was ludicrous. Why bother going on vacation?????

  2. Greg

    The ad also seems pretty funny/strange given the recent riots.

  3. tim

    Greg, yeah maybe the people you take with you would be better behaved?

  4. Henry Williams

    @dml i always see that as being strange the moment people touch down in another city they immediately get on the phones and computer and start chatting to people back home

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